New Subjects May 31-June 6, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from May 31, 2004 to June 06, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1698580      650  0|aAfrican American families in literature.
a1698636      650  0|aAfrican American lesbians
a1698636      650  0|aAfrican American poets
a1698477      650  0|aAfrican American theater.
a1698954      650  0|aAfrican American women in literature.
a1698477      650  0|aAfrican Americans in the performing arts.
a1698591      650  0|aAIDS (Disease) in women.
a1698535      650  0|aAIDS (Disease) in women
a1698303      651  0|aAlgonquin Provincial Park (Ont.)
a1698610      650  0|aAlice (Fictitious character : Carroll)
a1699511      650  0|aAnaylsis of variance
a1699464      650  0|aAnimal cell biotechnology.
a1677922      650  0|aAnti-globalization movements.
a1699232      650  0|aApplied sociology.
a1698453      650  0|aArts, Bolivian.
a1699019      650  0|aArts, Puerto Rican
a1699139      650  0|aAsian Americans in literature.
a1699139      650  0|aAssimilation (Sociology) in literature.
a1698502      650  0|aBenedictine monasteries
a1698472      650  0|aBlacklisting of anthropologists
a1699227      650  0|aBonapartism
a1699148      651  0|aBronx (New York, N.Y.)
a1636294      651  0|aBurgess Shale (B.C.)
a1683256      650  5|aCanadian wit and humor (English)
a1678897      650  0|aCaribbean Canadians
a1698480      651  0|aCaspian Sea Region
a1699150      650  0|aCasta painting.
a1699155      651  0|aCentral Park (New York, N.Y.)
a1699456      650  0|aCharter schools
a1698424      650  0|aChildhood in literature.
a1699029      650  0|aChildren with social disabilities
a1698430      650  0|aChildren's literature in science education.
a1699047      650  0|aChildren's stories, Spanish
a1698452      650  0|aChinese American women
a1698516      650  0|aCollege preparation programs
a1699508      650  0|aCombinatorial number theory.
a1635533      650  0|aCommunication in engineering.
a1699022      650  0|aCommunity in literature.
a1698514      650  0|aConcepts in infants.
a1699525      650  0|aConvergence (Telecommunication)
a1698432      650  0|aCosmopolitanism. 
                   150  0|aInternationalism
a1699118      650  0|aCost allocation.
a1698634      650  0|aDisfigured persons
a1698987      650  0|aEndogenous growth (Economics)
a1699139      650  0|aEthnicity in literature.
a1698634      650  0|aEwing's sarcoma
a1682917      650  0|aFemale nude in art.
a1699248      650  0|aFlintstones (Fictitious characters)
a1692924      650  0|aForest regeneration
                   150  0|aForest reproduction
a1699044      651  0|aFranz Josef Land (Russia)
a1698969      650  0|aGambling industry
a1698517      650  0|aGastric bypass
a1696369      650  0|aGender identity in art.
a1699094      650  0|aGeometrical constructions in art.
a1699139      650  0|aGroup identity in literature.
a1699158      651  0|aHarlem (New York, N.Y.)
a1698992      650  0|aHip hop
a1698526      650  0|aHispanic American authors
a1698538      650  0|aHispanic Americans in literature.
a1634560      650  0|aHistorical fiction, Italian
a1698449      650  0|aHolocaust, Jewish
a1699074      650  0|aHuman beings in literature.
a1698946      650  0|aHumor in literature.
a1699139      650  0|aIdentity (Psychology) in literature.
a1636286      650  0|aIndian craft.
a1698531      650  0|aIndividualism in literature.
a1693983      650  0|aInput design, Computer.
a1698952      650  0|aInterpersonal relations and culture.
a1698588      650  0|aIslamic modernism
a1698529      650  0|aIslamic modernism
a1698588      650  0|aIslamic renewal
a1699158      650  0|aJamaican Americans
a1699069      650  0|aJewish teenagers
a1699190      650  0|aJewish women in the Holocaust
a1698579      651  0|aKurdiståan (Iraq)
a1699071      650  0|aLanguage
a1699096      651  0|aLeâon (Guanajuato, Mexico)
a1699182      650  0|aLetter writing, Spanish.
a1699196      650  0|aLiving wage movement.
a1699083      650  0|aLoss (Psychology) in literature.
a1699048      650  0|aMacaulay, Catherine,
a1696626      650  0|aMars probes.
a1699509      650  0|aMayflies
a1699177      650  0|aMeaning (Philosophy) in literature.
a1699200      650  0|aMilitary-owned business enterprises
a1699150      650  0|aMiscegenation in art.
a1679964      650  0|aMonologues with music (Flute)
a1679964      650  0|aMonologues with music (Instrumental ensemble)
a1698580      650  0|aMother and child in literature.
a1698580      650  0|aMotherhood in literature.
a1668396      651  0|aMotherwood Homestead National Historic Site (Sask.)
a1698943      650  0|aMotion in art.
a1699022      650  0|aMourning customs in literature.
a1641910      650  5|aNative peoples
                   150   |aIndigenous peoples
a1699148      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1676691      650  0|aObject-oriented programming.
a1699491      650  0|aOperator spaces.
a1698947      650  0|aPedal clavichord.
a1698523      650  0|aPersonality and history.
a1698442      650  0|aPhotographic industry.
a1634678      650  0|aPhysical biochemistry
a1633572      650  0|aPoets, Hindi
a1699193      650  0|aPolitical ecology.
a1698456      650  0|aPolitical plays, German
a1622330      650  0|aPopular culture in art.
a1698559      650  0|aPostmodernism and education.
a1699071      650  0|aPoststructuralism.
a1698611      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1699053      650  0|aPuppet plays, American.
a1699142      650  0|aQueen (Chess)
a1698493      650  0|aRace awareness in adolescence
a1699150      650  0|aRacially mixed people in art.
a1699473      650  0|aRandom dynamical systems
a1698465      650  0|aRepresentative government and representation in
a1699121      650  0|aSacrifice in literature.
a1668388      651  0|aSaint Andrew's Anglican Church National Historic Site
                    (St. Andrews, Man.)
a1668388      651  0|aSaint Andrew's Rectory National Historic Site (St.
                    Andrews, Man.)
a1699231      650  0|aShea butter industry
a1699155      650 00|aSite-specific art
a1676340      650  0|aSolvent wastes
a1699239      650  0|aSound in literature.
a1699239      650  0|aSounds in literature.
a1699239      650  0|aSpeech in literature.
a1699520      650  0|aStatistical power analysis.
a1698980      651  0|aStour Valley (Dorset, England)
a1699105      650  0|aSubnational governments
a1698794      650  6|aSystáemes enfouis (Informatique)
a1699100      650  0|aTragic, The, in literature.
a1699006      650  0|aUnilateral acts (International law)
a1698470      650  0|aVacant lands
a1678897      651  0|aVancouver (B.C.)
a1699239      650  0|aVoice in literature.
a1698504      650  0|aWalt Disney Company.
a1698477      650  0|aWard, Douglas Turner
a1684473      650  0|aWaste household batteries
a1676326      650  0|aWaste tires
a1678897      650  0|aWest Indian Canadians
a1698511      650  0|aWomen collectors
a1699190      650  0|aWomen concentration camp inmates
a1699189      650  0|aWomen jazz musicians