Validator Help Page


When trying to install Validator 4.0.1, an errror is encountered that reports a missing file ‘RICHTX32.OCX


  1. Download RICHTX32.CAB from:
  2. Extract both files (RICHTX32.INF and RICHTX32.INF) from the downloaded file.
  3. If using WindowsXP, extract both files into the c:/windows/system32 folder.
  4. If using Windows2000/NT extract both files into the c:/winnt/system folder.
  5. Right click on the RICHTX32.INF file, and select the install option.
  6. Proceed to install validator.

          Disabling the Confirmation Dialogue Box when a record is saved


          1. Go to the URL provided in the e-mail message from the Validator representative

          2. Choose "Save". Save the patch to C:Temp on the workstation where you want to install the patch

          3. Run the executable from C:Temp