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Workshop: Web 2.0 for Scientists / Cool Tools for Scholars

These are the notes for my upcoming Steacie Library Grad Student Workshops. This post will include the notes for both Part 1 (Web 2.0 for Scientists) and Part 2 (Cool Tools for Scholars)

What is web 2.0, anyway? Tim O’Reilly or Wikipedia?

Take a look at the power of web 2.0 technologies to solve your problems.

Let’s take a look at some tools that will help you with the research process from start to finish!

  • Invisible college: networking
  • Literature review: environment scan, keeping up, organizing readings
  • Executing the project: keeping track of results
  • Writing up the work: document preparation
  • Disseminating: distributing and popularizing the work

Blogging & RSS
(IC, LR, Dis)

Reading what’s going on

Doing your own!

Don’t forget RSS aggregators like Bloglines & Google Reader.

Also, lots of journals have RSS feeds for their TOCs.

Social Bookmarking & Citation Management (LR, Writing)

  • — most popular social bookmarking site
  • Connotea — just like but geared for academia, by Nature
  • 2collab — similar to Connotea but by Elsevier
  • Mendeley — new citation management system, more like workflow management
  • CiteULike — another academic citation/bookmarking site.  Can also look at journal TOCs
  • Zotero — Firerfox browser add-in, free and open source, supported by non-profit foundation. Coolest and most forward looking of the bunch
  • RefWorks — officially sanctioned York-sponsored product

Using Wikis in Reseach (Results)

Social Networks for Scientists (IC, Dis)

Collaborative Document Creation (Writing & Dis)

  • Google Docs — pretty complete online version of MS Office with sharable documents
  • Zoho — another similar one
  • SlideShare — share your PowerPoint slides with the world

Using Audio & Video (Dis)

Bringing it all Together: Lifestreaming

  • FriendFeed — aggregates all your feeds and shows you the content from trusted friends. Also facilitates conversation better than most other platforms.