How to change resource types

You can select and deselect any resource type.

  • Indexes
    Bibliographic citations and/or abstracts to journal articles and other types of documents, e.g. Expanded Academic ASAP, Canadian Index, PsycInfo. If you want to search for articles on a particular topic, choose a few indexes that cover your subject area. Then open and search on one index at a time for citations and/or abstracts to journal articles.
  • Databases
    Organized collections of data and/or documents, e.g. statistical databases or full-text databases
  • Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
    Include general or subject-specific encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories and almanacs, e.g. Oxford English Dictionaries, Merriam-Webster Online, Encyclopedia BritannicaOnline
  • eJournals
    Journals and other periodicals available electronically. If you can't find the journal you need on this list, do a search on the YUL catalogue. We may have a print copy on the shelf
  • eBooks
    Electronic books
  • Internet Resources
    Internet resources selected by subject specialists