Common Latin Abbreviations

Common Latin Abbreviations and Terms used in Footnotes and Bibliographies*

Abbreviation Latin English
A.M. ante meridiem before noon
c. or ca circa about, approximately
cf. confer compare
c.v. curriculum vitae curriculum vitae
ead. eadem in the same place, author(female form of ibid.)
e.g. exempli gratia for example, for instance
et al. et allii, et alia and other people/things
etc. et cetera and so on, and other things
et seq. et sequens and the following pages
ib, ibid. ibidem in the same place, author(esp. previous reference)
i.e. id est that is to say
infra below
inter alia amongst other things
loc. cit. loco citato in the place cited/mentioned
N.B. nota bene note well/carefully
op. cit. opere citato in the work cited/mentioned before
P.M. post meridiem after noon
P.S. post scriptum after writing
passim here & there, throughout, in several places
pro tem. pro tempore for the time, temporarily
Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum which was to be shown
q.v. quod vide which see, elsewhere in the same book
sc. scilicet that is to say
sic thus used, spelt, etc.
stet as it was originally
supra above
v., vs. versus against
vide see
viz. videlicet namely, that is to say
v.v. vice versa the other way round

* Taken from Aston University