Curriculum Integration Working Group


  • Ilo Maimets (Group Lead)
  • Sophie Bury (ASCP rep)
  • Peter Duerr
  • Maura Matesic

Strategic Area of Focus

Builds on progress achieved to date in integrating discipline-specific IL competencies and instruction within programs in line with the White Paper priority of fostering curricular design that develops fundamental and transferable skills including information literacy. Recognizes a range of models relevant to different disciplinary contexts.

See: Information Literacy Plan 2010-2015: Engaging Student Learning Through Partnerships


This mandate has been framed in the context of the current IL plan.

  • Advances the strategic priority of increased curriculum-integration
    • Goal of embedding IL instruction within additional programs by working with liaison librarians
    • Undergraduate and graduate programs to form a focus
    • Recognizes and shares information re different disciplinary models
    • Represents YUL with respect to IL issues related to the Quality Assurance Framework
    • Reaches programs with a special focus on academic skills, e.g. TYP and Gen Ed.
    • Develops tools and strategies to help faculty integrate IL within assignment design
  • Professional Development
    • Develops learning opportunities for instructional librarians and creates materials/templates for sharing. Areas of focus might include defining learning outcomes, curriculum mapping and assignment design.
  • Advocacy
    • Empowers librarians to act as advocates for IL in the context of program reviews (DLEs, Quality Assurance Framework etc.)
    • Monitors the rota for program reviews at York, e.g. UPRs, as well as new program developments and informs liaison librarians of opportunities.
    • Develops advocacy materials
  • Assessment
    • Course-related IL statistics project (initiated 2010/2011)
    • Develops tools and techniques to assess the impact of the curriculum integrated approach to IL instruction.


Prioritization of IL Plan Elements

Short-term: Work begins in 2011-2012

Medium-term: Work begins in earnest in 2012-2013, though small projects may happen earlier

Long-term: Work begins in earnest in 2013-2014, though small projects may happen earlier

Indicators of SuccessOver the next five years we will: Priority Status
Conduct an inventory to assess the reach of IL integration at course and program level (Assessment) Short-term
Empower liaison librarians and archivists to advocate for the consideration of IL as a critical skill with regard to existing and newly proposed programs at York, i.e. within the context of Cyclical Program Review and the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF). (Advocacy) Short-term
Engage in advocacy to support the White Paper goal of promoting curricular design which enables “the development of fundamental and transferable skills including…information literacy.” (Advocacy) Short-term
Develop tools and strategies to assist faculty with integrating IL within assignment design. Short-term
Work with the Centre for the Support of Teaching (CST) and other relevant partners to offer programming for teaching assistants and full- and part-time instructors designed to assist them in designing curricula and developing pedagogical approaches consistent with a curriculum-integrated approach to IL instruction. Medium-term
Assist librarians and archivists to integrate IL within curricula through support mechanisms, learning opportunities and an infrastructure for sharing methods and materials. (Professional Development) Medium-term
In collaboration with relevant academic support units and faculty colleagues integrate IL within programs with a special focus on critical and academic skills, e.g. General Education programs and the Transition Year Program. Medium-term
In partnership with faculty colleagues make progress in integrating IL within additional courses and programs in both undergraduate and graduate programs at York. Long-term
Provide tools and support for librarians with established curriculum-integrated IL approaches to assess the impact of their initiatives. (Assessment) Long-term
Collect feedback and evidence on the impact of instruction on student learning where IL is embedded within curricula. (Assessment) Long-term

Meeting Notes

September 20, 2011

October 18, 2011

November 22, 2011

January 17, 2011