SPARC Canadian Author Addendum

This is a printable form that can be submitted along with a publisher’s Copyright Transfer Agreement that requests the author retain specific rights.

“The new SPARC Canadian Author Addendum enables authors to secure a more balanced agreement by retaining select rights, such as the rights to reproduce, reuse, and publicly present the articles they publish for non-commercial purposes.”

SHERPA/RoMEO website

The website lists publishers copyright policies and restrictions.

OAKList Database

Queensland University of Technology’s OAK Law Project has developed a web-enabled database containing information about publishing agreements and publishers’ open access policies and practices. It is designed to facilitate greater access to research, especially that which is publicly funded. It uses the same colour designations as SHERPA ROMEO.


Pronetos is a social network for scholars. Pronetos gives you a platform to network and collaborate with your colleagues all over the world, in various academic disciplines.

Income Models for Supporting Open Access
“Developing a sound business model is a critical concern of publishers considering open-access distribution. Selecting the model appropriate to a particular journal will depend not only on the expense hurdle that must be cleared, but also on the publisher’s mission objectives, size, business management resources, risk tolerance, tax status, and institutional or corporate affiliation.

This Web site and accompanying guide provide an overview of income models currently being used to support the open-access distribution of peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific journals. These resources will be a useful tool both for publishers exploring new potential sources of income and for libraries weighing where to direct meager library funds.”