eLearning – Distance Education Students: Borrowing from a Local Library

If you live close to a university library or public library you may wish to investigate the possibility of borrowing relevant materials directly from there.

University Library

If you wish to borrow in person at other Canadian university libraries it is necessary to know about Direct Borrowing at Other Universities .

Public Library

To obtain a borrower’s card at your local public library you must present verification of your name, address, and sometimes signature and complete a library card application. If you live outside the library’s area, you may have to pay an annual fee to obtain a card. Ask at your public library for more details.

Public libraries in Ontario offer interlibrary loan services. Sometimes a fee may be charged for use of an interlibrary loan service. Please inquire at your local library about availability of this service if the library itself does not hold the material that you wish to access

Searching Libraries’ Catalogues

York University Libraries have compiled a useful web page with links to the web catalogues of university and public libraries in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. You may find this helpful in determining whether a local library has materials of interest to you.