Day 1 Workshops – Student Learning Centre (SLC), Ryerson University

Date/Time Track 1 Track 2
8:00 Coffee and Registration. Launch Zone, SLC
8:30-9:30 Introduction and Opening Talk
9:30 – 12:30

(concurrent sessions)

Track 1. Session 1. SLC508

Introduction to LOD: The concepts of LODLAM, graphs, and RDF

Workshop Instructor: Alison Hitchens, University of Waterloo

Track 2. Session 1.SLC514

Micro-publishing linked open data on the Web

Workshop Instructor: Dan Scott, Laurentian University

12:30 -1:30 Lunch on your own
1:30 – 4:30 Track 1. Session 2. SLC514

Going from Theory to Practice: Preparing + Leveraging Linked Open Metadata with OpenRefine

Workshop Instructor: Christina Harlow, Cornell University

Track 2. Session 2. SLC514

Querying and linking data with SPARQL

Workshop Instructor: Tom Johnson, DPLA

Day 2: Talks/Community Building – Scott Library, York University

9:00 Coffee
9:30-11:30 LODLAM discussion sessions
11:30-12:00 pm Lightning presentations
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:00-3:30 pm LODLAM Cultural data Hackfest

Session Descriptions:

Going from Theory to Practice: Preparing + Leveraging Linked Open Metadata with OpenRefine
Session Instructor: Christina Harlow, Cornell University

This interactive tutorial will walk you through taking existing metadata, enhancing it, then producing it as RDF. We will use OpenRefine, an open source tool for working with data, and the DERI RDF Extension for OpenRefine, to walk through this work. A little bit of time will be given to the data normalization features of OpenRefine – faceting, Clustering, GREL (Google Refine Expression Language). However, the real focus will be on how to leverage existing and produce your own RDF data. Reconciliation of entities with external SPARQL Endpoints and RDF datasets, along with RDF mapping and production, will be covered in depth. Other RDF data tools and projects of interest will be mentioned. Participants are strongly encouraged to install OpenRefine and follow along. More information here:

Micro-publishing linked open data on the Web

Session Instructor: Dan Scott, Laurentian University

Description: Getting started with publishing linked open data can be easy: if you can edit a web page, you can also publish useful LOD! In this series of hands-on exercises, learn how to publish LOD about your institution just by adding a little extra machine-readable information to your web pages to describe your locations, opening hours, contact information, and events. You’ll also practice describing items in your collections, and linking those items back to your institution. These exercises will focus on the vocabulary and RDFa markup, although we’ll also touch on JSON-LD and the Open Graph Protocol. Bring a laptop, and get ready to tackle your institution’s web site!