SPARK Home Page Video Transcript

In the endless reaches of the universe, there existed a planet called Earth.

There, lived a group of humans known as... university students, who were always embarking on new and exciting scholarly adventures.  But that's all about to change.  Today they meet their ultimate match... The Academic Paper!

Not knowing where to begin or how to write an annotated bibliography and cowering at the thought of academic mediocrity, they turn to the one place all humans seek help: the Internet!

Wait! What's this? SPARK?! What's she doing? At a click of a mouse, she has the force of SPARK's three sections: Getting Started, Exploring, and Pulling It Together!

It appears each section contains multiple modules. All of the key components you'll need to complete an assignment!

He's using a module to understand his assignment and what the instructor is asking him to do!

And now he's finding modules with strategies for writing! Wow! He's printing resources for each module, including hand exercises and worksheets!

Well done university students!

With SPARK as your secret weapon, you too can be a superhero!

Ignite your research and writing powers with SPARK.

Online. Anytime.