Librarian & Archivist Profiles

Listed below are the current members and research interests of librarians and archivists at York University Libraries.

In October of 2009 they unanimously agreed on the York University Open Access Policy for Librarians and Archivists.

Librarian Research interests
Allison-Cassin, Stacy
BMus (WLU), MMus (Duq), MISt (Toronto)
Cataloguing Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Knowledge organisation; communication; information technology; popular music; semiotics.
Archer, Cynthia
Bury, Sophie
BA (Trinity College Dublin) MLIS (University College Dublin)
Head, Bronfman Business Library
Information literacy assessment; faculty perspectives/habits/practices in the realm of information literacy; university students’ research habits/skills.
Cao, Haiyun
B.E.E (HIT), M.E. (HIT), MLIS (McGill)
Cataloguing Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Metadata; controlled vocabulary; East Asian materials cataloguing.
Coysh, Sarah
BEd (Queen’s), MEd (Queen’s), MISt (Toronto)
E-Learning Librarian, Frost Library
Online learning; information literacy; emerging technologies; secondary school music education.
Craig, Dana
MI (Toronto)
Environmental Studies Librarian, Scott Library
Davidson, Catherine
Associate University Librarian, Collections and Research University Librarian’s Office
Innovative collection development practices, assessment and evaluation and work-life balance.
Denton, William
MISt (Toronto)
Web Librarian
Augmented reality; information visualization; dentographs; mathematics and LIS.
Dubeau, Suzanne
MISt (Toronto)
Assistant Head, Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections
Duerr, Peter
Government Information Librarian (Domestic), Scott Library
Dupuis, John
BCompSci (Concordia), MLIS (McGill)
Science Librarian, Steacie Science Library
Use of Web 2.0 by scholarly publishers (and by scholars in general); blogging as a professional development tool for librarians; future trends in academic science libraries.
Elder, Kathryn
BA (Hons) (McMaster), BLS, MLS (Toronto)
Head, Sound & Moving Image Library
Avant-garde media; media preservation; art history.
Fraser, Heather
BA (Hons), MLS
Head, Bibliographic Services
Technical services workflow; metadata schemas; emerging technologies and cataloguing trends.
Giesbrecht, Walter
Data Librarian, Scott Library
Web design; data dissemination; emerging technologies in libraries.
Grewal, Kalina
Anthropology, Sociology, Women’s Studies Librarian , Scott Library
Kandiuk, Mary
Theatre, Visual Arts Librarian, Scott Library
Canadian literature bibliography; diversity and librarians.
Kirchner, Joy
University Librarian
Scholarly Communications
Kosavic, Andrea
BSc (Hons), MISt
Digital Initiatives Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Blog |
Repositories; open access; author rights; new publishing models; open source; interoperability; Semantic Web; digitization; metadata.
Li, Xuemei
Acting Head, Bronfman Business Library
Data librarianship; information-seeking behaviour; social media; scholarly communication.
Lupton, Aaron
Electronic Resources Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Electronic resource access and management; library-vendor relationships; embedded library services; electronic resource evaluation and assessment; electronic collection development.
Maimets, Ilo-Katryn
BSc (Hons), BEd, MSc (York), MISt (Toronto)
Head, Steacie Library
Majekodunmi, Norda Bell
BA (York), MISt (Toronto)
Social Work Librarian, Scott Library
Accessibility of library resources (especially electronic resources) and services to users with disabilities; scholarly communication issues including the open access movement and the scholarship of academic librarians and their information use; application of Web 2.0 technologies (e.g. blogs, wikis, social tagging software) to libraries.
Matesic, Maura
Social Sciences Librarian, Scott Library
Teaching with technology; peer learning and collaborative learning initiatives; Victorian social history.
McLaren, Scott
BA, MISt, PhD (Toronto)
Humanities & Religious Studies Librarian, Scott Library
Book history and print culture; North American religious history; Bible societies; religion and literature.
Mgwigwi, Thumeka
Health Studies Librarian, Scott Library
Information literacy and assessment.
Moir, Michael
BA (UofT), MA (Guelph)
University Archivist, Head, Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections
History of shipbuilding and waterfront development in Canada, especially Toronto.
Nariani, Rajiv
M.Sc. (NDRI), MES (York), MISt (UofT)
Science Librarian, Steacie Science Library
E-books and their uptake by the research community; Citation management programs; Collection development in the sciences; Open Access publishing.
Orlandini, Rosa
BSc (Winnipeg), MLIS (McGill)
GIS and Map Librarian, Head, Map Library
Geographic Information Literacy; Cartography; ethnicity mapping; GIS; metadata
Ruest, Nick
Digital Assets Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Archives, copyright, data management, digital preservation, institutional repositories, intellectual freedom, linked data, metadata, OAI, open repositories, scholarly communication, semantic web
Ryan, Patti
Political Science and Reference Collection Librarian, Scott Research and Collections
Women and politics; feminist theory; critical pedagogy; socio-political dimensions of information literacy.
Salmon, Marcia
BSc (Hons) (Toronto), MLIS (Western)
Cataloguing Librarian, Bibliographic Services
Cataloguing training; providing access to electronic content; open access and institutional repositories.
Savard, Dany
BA (UofT), MA (Ryerson), MLIS (Western)
Acting Head, Frost Library
Assessment, information-seeking behaviour; public administration.
Scott, Tom
Head, Scott Research and Collections
History and Economics Librarian, Scott
Sloniowski, Lisa
English Literature Librarian, Scott Library
Feminist archives and special collections; literary special collections, information literacy for citizenship; advocacy for librarians; the role of libraries in the public sphere and in the formation of counter-publics.
St. Onge, Anna
Archivist, Digital Projects and Outreach, Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections
Taves, Adam
Associate Librarian, Scott
van der Bliek, Rob
Music Librarian, Sound & Moving Image Library
Jazz, blues and popular music analysis and history; problems in the philosophy and aesthetics of music as they relate to recorded music.
Warren, Peggy
BA, MLIS, Cert. pédagogie, Cert. estudios hispánicos, Cert. langues et litt. françaises
Education / Romance Languages & Literatures Librarian, Scott Library
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