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Teachers: Book a class

York University Libraries can accommodate visits of groups of high school students usually in late spring. Depending on the time of the year, we may be able to arrange an orientation to library research, or even a more detailed assignment-based research workshop for your students.

Please fill out a request here.

How can Information Literacy help your students?

University course instructors demand that their students learn to write actively and think critically when it comes time to compose their research papers.

Developing the skills necessary to access a broad range of viewpoints on the important issues covered in university courses is essential for new university students. Scholarly material not necessarily assigned for the classroom can serve as a foundation upon which students build independent, yet credible and defensible viewpoints.

Students who have the benefit of attending a library instruction workshop are better equipped to attain higher grades and, more importantly, engage themselves as active learners in the courses they are taking. Because there is a direct relationship between the quality of the material students consult during the research process, and the quality of the papers that they ultimately write, it is easy to see why solid library research skills are just as important as solid writing skills.

Things you need to know

  • Your students will not be able to use most library computers to search for books or journal articles UNLESS we have arranged for guest passwords in advance of your visit. When you book the visit for you class, you will need to arrange for passwords so that your students will be able to make productive use of their time in the Libraries.
  • Your students can only use our print collection and electronic resources within the Libraries. Your students will not have borrowing privileges or off-campus access to our electronic resources.
  • Some of our electronic resources have limits to number of users per session.
  • Supervision of high school students is the responsibility of the accompanying teacher(s).
  • Follow these links for more information about York University Libraries and Hours of operation.

Suggestions for making library instruction work

If you have requested an assignment-based workshop for your students, please consult with the librarian assigned to your class at least a week in advance of your visit to discuss the details of the assignment. It is our intention to make your students' visit to York University Libraries a positive experience.

Please ensure that your students are clear about their assignment requirements and if possible, let them do some preliminary research before attending the library instruction session by searching their school library's resources.