Paying Fines, Petitions & Appeals

Paying Fines

All fine payments can be made online under “My Library Account” or at the following branch locations: Bronfman, Frost, Scott and Steacie  all  accept debit card, MasterCard ,Visa, and YU Cards. Scott Library does not accept cash payments or cheques.  If you owe $25 or more, you will be blocked from further transactions in the Libraries and potential graduates with charges of $25.00 or more may not be permitted to graduate until the charges are paid.

Fine Rates

Regular Books: $.50 per day to a maximum of $25.00 per item.  The fine rate on overdue recalled materials is $1.00 per day to a maximum of $25.00 per item.

Daily Reserve Material: $5.00 per day to a maximum of $100.00 per item.

Hourly, Overnight and Reserve Material: $3.00 per hour/or any part thereof to a maximum of $100.00 per item.

SMIL fine rates


Lost or Damaged Items

Lost items must be reported to the appropriate Circulation Services desk. Library materials are assumed lost and charges for the cost of replacing these materials are levied after 15 days following the due date for reserve loans, and 50 days for regular stack materials.

Borrowers losing or failing to return materials or returning materials in damaged condition are subject to a $60.00 charge to cover the cost of replacing the material, a $15.00 service charge, plus any outstanding fines.

In lieu of the $60.00 replacement charge, after consultation with library staff it is possible to purchase an acceptable replacement copy. The service charge is not refunded if a book billed for replacement is found and returned. All materials remain the property of the York University Libraries.

You are encouraged to report items with either missing pages and/or requiring repair. Regular stack materials charged to a patron are to be returned at the Circulation Service desk. Serials (journals and magazines) and books that are not charged out may be handed in at the AskUs / Circulation desk.

Petitions and Appeals

Please note the following are NOT acceptable reasons for petitioning and appealing a fine. Appeals for the reasons listed below will not normally be accepted

  • Non-receipt of courtesy, overdue or recall notices does not relieve the borrower from liability for fines or other sanctions.
  • Lack of knowledge of loan regulations
  • Failing to note due dates
  • Failing to renew on time
  • Not returning recalled material because patron is out of town or country

When petitioning a fine we encouraged users to go to the library in which the fine occurred and fill out the petition/appeal form in person.  Email and telephone inquiries for more information are acceptable, however the petition/appeals form does need to be filled out, signed and submitted to the library for further processing. Please note each York Library’s petition/appeal process looks at each petition/appeal on individual basis and timelines will vary due to this.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Petition: to the head or designated staff of the Circulation unit concerned

ii. Appeal Stage 1: to the head of that Library/Department

iii Appeal Stage 2: to the University Librarian/Law Librarian

Lending code

SMIL Fines