Discover How We Are Transforming Your Library

A year and a half ago York University Libraries set out on a journey to develop and implement a restructuring plan. The vision was to create a new organizational structure that makes the Libraries more agile and helps our users thrive in the ever changing academic landscape.

The Libraries spent months gathering feedback, planning, and preparing the new structure of the organization. This new organizational design marks a significant shift to a more agile, innovative, team-based academic library. It promotes a transformational leadership culture with an outward-facing orientation and ensures the organization is positioned to thrive in the rapidly changing environment. The new structure is designed to bring together critical groupings of skills and abilities and to align them with key strategic priorities of York University. Its primary goal is to help surface and mobilize the Libraries’ expertise to enhance and innovate services/resources for students, faculty, staff and other key stakeholders.

On July 1st, York University Libraries will begin the 6-12 month process of implementing the new structure. During this period, we will be reaching out to all University members about these changes. As we implement our new structure, all of our services, departments and liaisons will be evolving. We look forward to working with you and showcasing our new organizational design.

In the meantime, please continue to communicate with the Libraries as you have done in the past. If you have questions, please contact us via this form.