Research Data Infrastructure Working Group

Terms of Reference

Finalized January 26, 2017.

The Working Group supports the work of the Open Access & Open Data Steering Committee.  The purpose of the fixed term working group is to initially conceptualize a coordinated campus data governance structure for data management and campus education plan to inform the York community about research data management in consultation with the Steering Committee.

Working groups (subcommittees) will be expected to address the priorities identified by the Steering Committee or recommendations made by the Committee as high priority mandates, and/or undertake the investigation or further study of issues identified as priority activities.

This group will focus on research data, as the York information governance committee will be handling student and financial data.

Sponsor: Open Access Open Data Steering Committee

Tasks & Deliverables:
The working group is intended to advise and recommend a course of action to the OAOD Steering Committee on the following priorities:

Environmental scan and gap analysis

  • Recommend a coordinated approach and develop resources to assist researchers with their research data management plans with an eye to sustainability.
  • Identifies types of data and data needs and the associated infrastructure that are required to securely manage the data.
  • Identify stakeholders and case studies to work through data management support structures and services that considers a triage model and a set of criteria for data curation and management.
  • Considers the intersection of research ethics with health and social sciences data
  • Identifies national initiatives that are building capacity for data and data management in planning recommendations

Engagement and education

  • Development of engagement strategy to disseminate the working group recommendations to York’s community
  • Development of a coordinated education plan to raise awareness of the Tri-agency data management requirements for funded research in tandem with the Open Access Policy and Implementation Working Group.
  • Advances a scholarly culture that is mindful of multiple modes of dissemination and disciplinary differences.

The membership should reflect York’s commitment to developing campus strategy for increasing the quality and impact of York’s  research and scholarship, supporting mechanisms to enhance knowledge exchange and mobilization, enhancing York’s prominence internationally, and increasing the visibility of York’s creative works and scholarship  as stated in the University Academic Plan, IIRP,  and PIER.


  • Chris Ardern, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health
  • Alison Collins-Mrakas
  • Associate Vice-President Research
  • Logan Donaldson, Professor, Faculty of Science
  • Andrea Kosavic, Associate Dean of Libraries, Digital Engagement and Strategy (chair)
  • Patricia Lynch, Copyright Office
  • Susan McGrath, Professor, School of Social Work
  • Dany Savard, Social Sciences Librarian and Acting Head, Frost Library
  • Representative from UIT (TBA)

Role of the Committee Members
The Chair of the working group will ensure:

  • All members’ diverse experiences and perspectives are treated respectfully;
  • The Committee members’ time is respected and only issues of strategic significance are brought to their attention for comment;

This working group includes representation from the Advisory Committee for Research Computing. Communication will be coordinated between the two groups.

1 year.

Frequency of Meetings
It is recommended that the meetings be scheduled at a minimum monthly.