Depositing your data

York University Libraries makes available two repositories for data deposit: Scholars Portal Dataverse and YorkSpace.

Scholars Portal Dataverse

York University Dataverse portal is available to all researchers needing to deposit data with the institution. York University researchers can sign up for an account and contact York University Libraries to set up an individual, departmental, or project Dataverse to deposit and share their collections of datasets.

Ready to deposit with us in Dataverse? Consult our quick guide for step-by-step instructions.

Scholars Portal Dataverse is a an instance of Dataverse hosted by The Ontario Council of University Libraries, of which York University Libraries is a member. Dataverse is an open-source platform developed at Harvard University that enables researchers to directly deposit data, create metadata, visualize and explore data, and search for data. Dataverse allows for data to be released and shared openly or privately with precision at the file level. All file formats are accepted.

Dataverse is designed specifically for data and allows for the creation of robust metadata suited to describing datasets (citation metadata, domain-specific metadata and file-level metadata). Special features for tabular data (SPSS, STATA, R, Excel and CSV) are available.

Dataverse supports DataCite and other citation standards such as ORCID, to integrate data as a first class contribution into the broader array of scholarly publishing outputs. Dataverse also creates a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) upon deposit. A DOI is an identifier that can be used to cite your data in journal articles, on project websites, personal online CVs, and beyond. The DOI will remain persistent and resolvable so that your data will always be identifiable on the web.

The Scholars Portal Dataverse Guide will take you through creating your own Dataverse(s), as well as adding, editing, and publishing your data. The Guide also describes how to set restrictions on your data, if required. For in-depth instructions, see the Table of Contents for a comprehensive user guide. York University Libraries can also assist you throughout the data deposit process. To contact us, you can email us at


YorkSpace is York University’s Institutional Repository for research outputs and is hosted by York University Libraries. Like Dataverse, it accepts all file-types for deposit, but is lighter on descriptive metadata options and does not have special features for tabular data. YorkSpace is designed to accept a variety of research outputs including data, but is particularly well suited to the dissemination of texts. It also differs from Dataverse in that all deposits are made available open access (without access restrictions) upon deposit. Access to YorkSpace is subject to the YorkSpace Deposit Policy. The YorkSpace Resource Site provides instructional guides and supporting documentation.

Other options for data deposit

  • The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) is a system for researchers to discover and share Canadian research data. Any researcher affiliated with a Canadian institution can deposit data into FRDR. The platform can efficiently ingest datasets of any size, and preservation processing is done automatically. While FRDR can comply with embargo periods, all data deposited to the platform must ultimately be made openly available under a Creative Commons license. Learn more here.
  • Figshare or Dryad (popular multi-disciplinary repositories)
  • is a registry of research data repositories that can help one identify key data repositories for a research area. Searches can be filtered by a number of dimensions, including Country and Subject area.