Contemporary Indigenous Culture Wikipedia Meet-ups

Wikipedia edit-a-thons have become a popular means to bring attention to the documented gaps and absences in Wikipedia. Ada Lovelace Day brings attention to women in science and Wikimedia Canada recently held an one-day First Nations edit-a-thon at the Bibliothèque Nationale de Quebec. York University Libraries has experience with leading editing sessions and training on Wikipedia. However, projects like the Black Lunch Table have regular meetings to bring together a group of scholars, community members and students to work on information related to the African Diaspora. Participants in the BLT have ongoing, critical conversations about local, community issues.

This project develops a similar initiative at York University Libraries and supports a monthly Wikipedia meet-up to work on content related to contemporary Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) peoples and cultures. These regular, face-to-face meetings will not only add content to Wikipedia, but also build a number of learning and community opportunities. For example, participants will add to their skills in digital scholarship, writing, and research. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues related to the representation of Indigenous people and knowledge in Wikipedia. Much of the time will be spent doing hands-on work and adopts a peer-to-peer model or instruction. Thematic areas will be selected for each meeting.

Project goals

  • Create a strong program for student learning and success through engagement with cultural materials and the Wikimedia digital platforms
  • Create a space where Indigenous students, faculty, and community members can come together with librarians, archivists and other staff members to talk about issues that impact each community
  • Create a space for librarians, archivists and other staff members can listen to the needs of Indigenous community members
  • Use the Wikimedia platforms as a teaching platform
  • Increase the content on Indigenous Canadians on Wikipedia