Engaged Learning Working Group


Peggy Warren (Group Lead)
Dana Craig
Thumeka Mgwigwi
Rosa Orlandini
Dany Savard

Meetings Dates and Notes

Strategic Area of Focus

Undertakes to increase librarians’ and archivists’ adoption of student-centered pedagogies with the goal of actively engaging students with IL concepts and skills. In line with White Paper priorities, an important element in this strategy, will involve supporting and strengthening experiential education (EE) initiatives in collaboration with relevant partners in the emerging university EE support infrastructure.

See: Information Literacy Plan 2010-2015: Engaging Student Learning Through Partnerships


This mandate has been framed in the context of the current IL plan:

  • Organizes professional development sessions for librarians to help them develop effective teaching practice including student-centered pedagogical approaches, e.g. inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning etc.
  • Maintains, develops and shares tools to assess the impact of student-centered pedagogies in IL instruction, including initiatives with EE components. Tools might include surveys, pre-tests post-tests, quizzes, classroom assessment techniques (CATs) and more.
  • Creates resources, methods and learning opportunities to build librarian expertise in the domain of experiential education (EE)
  • Advocates for attention to IL competencies in EE contexts by liaising with relevant individuals and committees on campus. May include leveraging of AIF opportunities.
  • Works toward increasing the number of EE initiatives with an IL component
    • Works with liaison librarians and important partners across campus, e.g. individuals or committees with overarching responsibility for EE.
    • Includes attention to in-course, community-based learning (CBL) and EE within community settings.

Prioritization of IL Plan Elements

This document outlines short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities for the Engaged Learning Working Group during the five year period of the current IL Plan. This includes action plan items as well.