Open Access and Open Data Steering Committee

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the committee
The Open Access and Open Data Steering Committee will engage in broad stakeholder discussions to advance the following goals:

  • To coordinate campus-wide education on open access and data management particularly in light of Tri-Agency Open Access Policy requirements and the Tri-agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management.
  • To articulate a framework and coordinated service models that support faculty with these requirements.
  • To create a wider forum for discussion and consideration on changes to the system of scholarship, sustainability of current economic models of scholarship, access to publicly funded research, issues surrounding authors rights in the digital age, and new scholarly distribution systems and other connected open movements.

The committee consists of the following membership, and will report back to the community through the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation:

  • Dean of Libraries (co-Chair) – Joy Kirchner
  • Associate Vice-President Research (co-Chair) – Rebecca Pillai Riddell
  • Dean and Associate Vice-President, Faculty of Graduate Studies – Thomas Loebel
  • Chief Information Officer – Donald Ipperciel
  • Associate Dean of Libraries, Digital Engagement and Strategy – Andrea Kosavic

Two Associate Deans Research:

  • Carys Craig, Associate Dean Research, Osgoode
  • Jennifer Steeves, Associate Dean Research & Graduate Education, Science

Copyright Office Representative – Patricia Lynch

Seven faculty members representing diverse areas including one APPRC member

  • FES: Justin Podur, Associate Professor, GIS Coordinator
  • Education: Karen Krasny, Professor
  • LA&PS: Mark Hayward, Associate Professor, Communications Studies
  • LA&PS: Markus Reisenleitner, Professor, Humanities
  • AMPD: Janine Marchessault, Professor, Cinema & Media Arts
  • Health: Chris Ardern, Associate Professor, Kinesiology & Health Science
  • APPRC: Logan Donaldson, Professor, Faculty of Science