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Our Principles

Our Vision

The Digital Scholarship Centre is recognized for its leadership and innovation through equity, sustainability, and responsible citizenship and its integration of critical literacies and leading methods into research, learning, and systems of scholarly recognition.

Our Mission

The Digital Scholarship Centre cultivates critical intellect, digital fluency, and openness to possibility for all seekers and scholars while modeling best practices in sustainability and preservation. As a hub for the growth and celebration of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary work, the Centre offers flexible collaboration and co-creation spaces (both physical and virtual) that realize access to modern methods and tools for learning, research, and knowledge sharing.

Our Guiding Principles

We ensure that our work and infrastructure are scaled to our capacity and are mindful of their long-term impact on climate change, community relationships, and the ability to meet the demands of scholars.

Our centre is a safe space for experimentation, acknowledging that failure is an integral part of learning.

Universal access principles guide all our work, and inform the methods and tools we use to create, provide, disseminate and preserve scholarship.

We are a champion for the visibility and success of emerging systems of scholarship created by and for marginalized, intersectional, minority, and vulnerable communities.

Our information preservation, creation and dissemination activities are described robustly. Information about our methods, governance, and operational decisions is as publicly available as our scholarship.