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Media Creation Lab

As part of the Digital Scholarship Centre at York University Libraries, we provide equitable access to space, equipment and resources for students and faculty who are creating multimedia as part of learning, research, or teaching.

Media Creation Resources


We have video and audio recording equipment available for loan, as well as virtual reality gear!

Our bookable equipment

Studio & Lab Space

Our upcoming Media Creation studios and lab space, located within the Scott Library

Studio and Lab details

Software & Tools

Recommended software for media creation, with a focus on free and open source tools that are easy to learn and use.

Media creation tools

Content Management Support

Sharing Your Work

Methods and platforms for putting your media online.

Sharing your media


Guidelines for making your media universally accessible.

Accessibility recommendations

Rights & Ethics

Critical information on copyright, consent, and digital citizenship.

Ethical considerations


Track your media files and ensure they are preserved for future use.

Preserving your media

Teaching & Learning Support


Audio media created as part of an ongoing series of episodes, or as a single presentation.

Podcasting resources for instructors

Video Projects

Coming soon!

Inform, educate, persuade, and entertain with audio-visual content.

Virtual Reality

Engaging, immersive, and interactive experiences to spark imagination, reflection, and creativity.

VR resources for instructors

Digital Storytelling

Combine the art of storytelling with a mix of digital media including text, images, audio, and video.

Storytelling resources for instructors


A record of student thoughts and reflections that may be shared openly or created just for an instructor.

Journaling resources for instructors

Digital Portfolios

Track the development and improvement of learning over time with a portfolio of work

Portfolio resources for instructors