Privacy Policy

York University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Centre collects data for two purposes.

Workshop registrations and equipment/space bookings

We collect email addresses and names as part of workshop registration, space/studio bookings, and equipment bookings. This data is shared with Springshare's LibCal platform because they provide the booking software to us. Springshare's Privacy Policy is available online.

The data we collect is used for the purposes of communicating with you about your bookings, to allow you to manage bookings yourself, and to monitor usage patterns.

We keep statistics on the use of our equipment, space, and workshops, and report these statistics to the university and to library associations. These figures include basic metrics like attendance counts, equipment usage, booking/workshop dates, and faculty affiliations, but no personally-identifiable information is ever shared.

As part of our ongoing work to improve our services, we may ask for your feedback or suggestions. Any data collected as part of that work is limited to internal use by York University Libraries. Any additional use will not be made without your written consent.

Site Analytics

We use the free and open-source Matomo system for website analytics. We use the on-premises version of the tool because of its ability to record and store data locally, without sharing information with third-party services (such as Google). We use Matomo's reports for the following purposes:

  1. to assess and evaluate the design of the site on an ongoing basis
  2. to provide aggregated metrics (limited to "hit counts" and other basic data) on how our site's pages and features are used