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Research Support

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Digital Scholarship

Research is Digital

Data serves as input and output, software-based analysis is commonplace, and results are being openly shared and digitally preserved. Researchers must consider questions of ethics, security, intellectual property, workflow, preservation, and more. We can help.

Research design and project planning

Book a consultation with us to talk about tools and platforms that can support your research project. We can show you how to build storage, digitization, or other work into your project plan or grant proposal, and we can help you understand how copyright, licensing, and other related issues might affect your work.

Schedule a consultation for your project

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Research Tools and Methods

Many modern research methods are being used across disciplines. We call this the "methodological commons." We've created a comprehensive guide to methods and tools you might use in your research, complete with links to tutorials, theory, and project examples.

We also provide regular workshops and training on these topics!

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Data Services

Schedule a consultation with a data librarian

Digitization and Preservation

The Libraries are actively engaged in the preservation of their archival holdings, including the digitization of textual materials, photographic prints and negatives, sound recordings and video. We are happy to share our experiences, lessons learned, and professional expertise.

Contact a librarian/archivist to discuss digitization

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Upcoming Workshops

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