Booking and Loan Policy

All users of the Media Creation Lab must agree to abide by the terms of our User Agreement, and must pass our orientation course. Full details of our booking and loan policy are outlined below.

General Policies

  • Studio use and equipment loans are open to most York University community members, with preference given to those working with digital media. Our services may occasionally be reserved by specific courses or projects, affecting their availability. Faculty members wishing to reserve our spaces for group or class use should contact us to make arrangements.
  • Use our equipment and spaces carefully, and minimize wear and tear.
  • The person whose name is associated with an equipment loan or space booking is liable for any loss or damage of equipment, including any damage caused by guests or other members of their group. All group members or guests must be properly oriented to MCL equipment before operating it themselves.
  • Beginners and tinkerers are always welcome! If you are unsure how to use equipment or tools while in our spaces, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Space booking and onsite studio use

  • Space reservations must be made under the name of someone who will be present for the duration of the booking. In other words, bookings may not be made on behalf of someone else.
  • Before using any of our studio spaces for the first time (audio recording room, flexible studio or VR rooms), you must have an orientation session from a Media Creation Lab staff member.
  • All studio bookings are mediated by our staff, and are "pending" until approved. We will do our best to respond to all requests quickly!
  • The computers in our spaces do not store digital files. Make sure you have all your footage/audio before you leave!
  • As per the York University Libraries Food and Drink Policy, no food or drink is permitted in lab or studio spaces, except for drinking water. Water must be kept in closed containers, such as bottles.
  • Users of our spaces must adhere to our Safer Spaces policy at all times. Anyone who violates this policy may be sanctioned, expelled, or banned from our spaces .

Equipment Loans

  • Equipment reservations must be made under the name of the person who will pick up and return equipment. You may not pick up equipment for another person, and you may not return equipment on behalf of someone else.
  • Ensure that all equipment kits are complete and in working order before leaving the Library.
  • When existing equipment loans are overdue, no new equipment loans will be permitted.
  • Equipment will not be "checked in" on return unless kits are complete, because an incomplete kit cannot be loaned to anyone else. There are no exceptions to this rule. Make sure to keep track of small accessories like memory cards and power adapters!
  • Equipment may be borrowed for up to 7 days (depending on availability), with no automatic renewal permitted. Requests for loan extensions are only granted under extenuating circumstances; requests for extensions should be sent, along with justification, to
  • Use the equipment at your own risk. The Library takes no responsibility for student work or materials damaged due to faulty equipment.
  • Notify a Media Creation Lab staff member immediately if the equipment is not working properly.
  • Ensure that all equipment is returned on time and to pay any assessed late fees, if required. Late fees are charged at $5 per item per day.
  • If equipment is damaged or stolen under the care of a borrower, this person is financially responsible for the full replacement cost. The York University Libraries digital scholarship team oversees assessing the repair or replacement cost and should be contacted at