Media Creation Lab


Bookable space for audio and video creation work - coming this fall!

A dedicated space for media creation, coming this fall

Located on the second floor of the Scott Library on York's Keele campus, the Media Creation Lab studio will provide access to a dedicated room where you can do the following:

  • Record video using a high-end camera and lighting kits, against a plain backdrop OR a green screen you can use for later editing
  • Record audio from up to four simultaneous sources at the same time, including support for recording interviews over the phone or through web conferencing applications
  • Edit and produce your content on dedicated laptops equipped with media editing software

Who can use it?

Priority access to the studio will be given to faculty and students who are creating audio or video content as part of coursework or capstone programs (like the C4 program). A student club will also use the lab as its home.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact us if they would like to use the studio to record content for instructional purposes.

Requests to use the studio for informal projects are welcome, and will be accommodated as much as possible.

All users of the studio will be required to attend an orientation session before the equipment can be used.

What equipment will be available?

The studio will include:

  • A 4K-capable video camera
  • A set of LED lights and stands, including soft box kits
  • A backdrop with three available backgrounds: black, white, and green
  • A dedicated PC for video capture, equipped with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • A Zoom Livetrak 8 audio board, featuring inputs for XLR microphones and USB devices
  • Podcasting and studio microphones on stands