Studio and Lab Spaces

A dedicated space for media creation, coming in the Winter 2022 semester

Bookable spaces for audio and video recording, VR experiences, and media editing

Located on the second floor of the Scott Library on York's Keele campus, the Media Creation Lab studio and spaces will include:

  • A computing lab with higher end computers (6 PCs and 1 Mac) equipped with software for audio/video editing and other media creation projects
  • A dedicated audio recording studio that can accommodate up to three people, including support for recording interviews over the phone or through web conferencing applications
  • Two dedicated VR rooms equipped with HTC Vive Pro 2 headsets. These rooms can also be used for media creation and editing work
  • A flexible space equipped with a 4K video camera and lighting kits that can be used against a plain backdrop OR green screen wall. This room can also be configured to support up to five virtual reality workstations for workshops or presentations

Who can use it?

Priority access to the studio will be given to students and faculty members who are creating audio or video content as part of coursework or capstone programs (like the C4 program). However, the studio space is intended to be accessible to all.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact us if they would like to use the studio to record content for instructional purposes, for knowledge mobilization, or for community engagement work.

Requests to use the studio for informal/personal/passion projects are welcome, and will be accommodated as much as possible.

All users of the studio will be required to attend an orientation session before the equipment can be used.

What equipment will be available?

The audio recording studio (Scott 203K) will include:

  • A six-foot by six-foot, double-walled audio recording booth
  • A dedicated PC for audio capture and editing
  • A Zoom Livetrak 8 audio board, featuring inputs for XLR microphones and USB devices

Each VR room (Scott 203A and 203B) will include:

  • A high end Windows PC equipped with a NVIDIA FeForce RTX 3080 video card
  • A 32" curved display
  • An HTC Vive Pro 2 VR headset, including:
    • wireless adapter for cable-free use
    • facial tracking hardware
    • object tracker

The larger, flexible studio (Scott 204) will include:

  • A 4K-capable video camera
  • A permanent green-screen wall
  • A set of LED lights and stands, including soft box kits
  • A portable backdrop with three available backgrounds: black, white, and green
  • A Zoom Livetrak 8 audio board, featuring inputs for XLR microphones and USB devices
  • Microphones and stands, including one shotgun mic and a wireless lavalier microphone kit

Our media editing lab (Scott 207) will include:

  • Workstations with over-the-ear headphones, equipped with video, audio and multimedia editing tools:
    • Five VR-capable PCs
    • One 27" 5K iMac
  • Our access point for equipment loans