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Podcasting Resources for Instructors

A podcast is a digital audio and/or video file that is available online for download or streaming.  Like radio, they are typically produced as a series or as part of a show where episodes are released over a period of time at regular intervals.  They are usually free and can be easily produced by anyone with access to the internet and a personal computer. 

Podcasts can be very useful pedagogical tools to capture group discussion and to develop communication skills.  They can help students develop writing skills through scripting and presenting research in a journalistic or editorial fashion.  They can also be useful in developing creative writing skills through the production of audio plays. 

To learn more about the possibilities of Podcasting please see:

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Introduction to Digital Media 

Students are asked to produce a short audio documentary exploring one aspect of how digital technologies or social media are affecting the lives of college students. 

AP/WRIT 1004  

This course project overview involves working to produce a 20 minute podcast for the course podcast show and includes podcast assessment guidelines. (York University) 

Audio Recording & Editing with Audacity & GarageBand 

Lesson plan introducing audio recording, and editing with GarageBand, and Audacity, includes presentation slides, in class activities and a quiz. (University of Victoria) 

Introduction to Podcasting with Audacity 

Lesson plan including presenter slides and in class activities. (University of Victoria) 

From Scratch Media 

A platform for student produced podcasts, by Stevie Bell. (York University) 

Podcast Rubric 

Created for self-reflection and peer assessment, this sample rubric was created by Ann Bell (University of Wisconsin)

Georgetown Audio Assignment Rubric (Georgetown University) 

Georgetown Audio Project Rubric (Georgetown University) 

Hear This! Podcasts as an Assessment Tool in Higher Education 

Prof. Chris Buddle, Natural Resource Sciences, writes about a podcast assignment he and his TA designed for a large undergraduate ecology class. 

Bell, S. (2019). Learner-Created Podcasts: Fostering Information Literacies in a Writing Course. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie29, 51-63. https://doi.org/10.31468/cjsdwr.747 

Andrew J. Salvati, “Podcasting the Past: Hardcore History, Fandom, and DIY Histories”, Journal of Radio & Audio Media 22. N.2 (2015): 231-239 

Sterne, J., Morris, J., Baker, M. B., & Freire, A. M. (2008). The politics of podcasting. The Fibreculture Journal, 13. Retrieved from http://thirteen.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-087-thepolitics-of-podcasting/ 

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