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York University Libraries Food and Drink Policy

The staff of the York University Libraries want you to feel comfortable while pursuing your studies in our locations and spaces. Food and drink can damage materials, equipment, and furnishings, attract rodents and insects, and it may disturb other users. This policy is intended to balance the needs of the Libraries with the convenience of our users. 

Please respect the following guidelines:

  • No food in York University Libraries locations and spaces 
  • Use spillproof beverage containers (containers that have a secure lid) 
  • Non-alcoholic drinks only 
  • No deliveries 
  • No food or drink at computer/equipment workstations 
  • Recycle bottles and place trash in receptacles 
  • Be considerate of others and clean up after yourself 
  • We know that accidents happen, so if you accidentally spill something please clean it up and let a staff member know so that we can ensure that damaged materials are properly treated 


  • Food and drink may be served in designated areas during Libraries-hosted events 
  • Food and drink are permitted in staff offices 

We encourage students to be environmentally-friendly by carrying re-useable mugs or screw-top bottles to limit unnecessary waste. 

Users in violation of the Libraries' food and drink policy may be asked to discard their food or store it out of sight. Please visit the Ancillary
Services’ Indoor Dining webpage
for information on where to eat and drink on campus. 

The Libraries are meant for all members of the York University community, and it’s up to all of us to maintain safe, clean, and welcoming spaces for learning.