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Library Spaces

Places to Study

York University Libraries offer a variety of spaces for study. Book a study space here.

Scott Library Family Room

A quiet, private space on the first floor of Scott Library for parents or caregivers where they can breastfeed and otherwise care for their babies.

Adaptive Lab

Located on the first floor of Scott Library, the Adaptive Lab offers quiet, silent or private study spaces, accessible furniture, washrooms, scanners, computers, software, and printing.

Graduate Student Reading Room

Located on the fourth floor of Scott Library, this room offers 122 seats at tables and carrels for graduate students.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons brings together academic learning supports to help students with areas such as writing, library research, citing, time management, study skills, exam preparation, English language support, career planning and much more.

Digital Scholarship Centre (DSC)

The DSC brings together multiple areas of expertise related to issues and practices surrounding digital scholarship and scholarly communications. Located on the second floor of Scott Library.