Captioned Media

Captioning displays a video’s auditory information on the screen as text thereby ensuring that students who are deaf or hard of hearing have equal access to the video’s content. Captions also facilitate media comprehension for students whose first language is not English.


Finding Captioned Titles in York University Libraries Media Collections

YUL’s primary media collection is located in the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL), Scott Library. It is a multidisciplinary collection available to the York University community for educational and personal use.

SMIL makes every effort to acquire videos that are closed captioned. These titles can be located in the YUL’s online catalogue by doing a keyword search that combines the phrase  “close caption*” with a topic. On the results page, select DVD or Streaming Video from the Format box.

YUL’s Streaming Video collections include many close captioned titles. Collections from Alexander Street Press and Films Media Group also display a synchronous transcript with each title that can be printed. Films Media Group provides a print transcript icon with each title. To print Alexander Street Press transcripts, mark the title’s text starting from the end of the transcript, use Ctrl + C to copy the highlighted text, and then Ctrl + V to store it as Word document.


Captioned Media Service Assistance

SMIL assistance is available to all members of the York University community using media for instructional purposes. Faculty members are encouraged to contact the Media Librarian to determine if the media for their course is closed captioned, if a closed-captioned version exists or if a suitable alternative is available. If a required title is not available with captions, the Media Librarian will attempt to have it captioned. This process can take up to 6 weeks because it involves securing permission from the producer/distributor, preparing the transcript, and sending the video off-campus for the captioning process. Consequently, advance planning is necessary.

Information about reserving DVDs for classroom use can be found at Book a Film or Video