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Book a Consultation with a Librarian

York University Libraries offer bookable consultations with librarians for students and faculty. In light of COVID-19 at the current time these are only available online (via Zoom).

Our Reference Services can answer many questions.

For complex questions and in-depth assistance, an individual virtual research appointment with a librarian can be arranged. Examples of how a librarian can help or advise include:

  • Refining research topics and developing research strategies
  • Using the best search tools and databases for your assignments or research projects
  • Evaluating information sources for research projects
  • Conducting research for theses, dissertations or major papers
  • Conducting research for literature reviews
  • Finding geospatial information, maps or data and statistics

To book a virtual consultation with a librarian, choose the affiliation that applies to you:

Note that by requesting a service, you are consenting that York University Libraries can use your personal information to respond to your query.