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Book a Library Class

The Libraries offer Information Literacy (IL) classes in all disciplines. 

Our classes teach your students digital and information literacy skills including the ability to find, retrieve, evaluate, analyze, consume and create information in all formats.

Please submit a class request form by the required date:

  • For Fall and year-long classes, please submit your request by August 15th.
  • For Winter classes, please submit your request by December 1st.
  • For Summer classes, please submit your request by May 15th.

Arrangements can be made directly with the following units:

  • For Archives and Special Collections, please contact Michael Moir ( x 22457
  • For Osgoode Law Library, please contact Yemisi Dina ( x 55991

Please note that we usually need at least three weeks for scheduling purposes.

For questions and suggestions, please contact Lisa Sloniowski.