Book a Library Class

Time and place

Most libraries at York have hands-on classrooms that can accommodate about 25 students each. Hands-on instruction is recommended for upper-year undergraduate and graduate students. We recommend a combination of online tutorials and librarian guest lectures for large enrollment first- and second-year classes.

In order to cover even the basics, we recommend at least an hour of either lecture or tutorial time. Workshops and guest lecture can range from a very general overview to a more intense focus on a single database or research index.

Scheduling and Documentation

For scheduling purposes some libraries may require at least two weeks notice for any class. If possible, we also ask that course instructors supply us with a current course syllabus and list of assignments; having this material allows us to customize our workshops and lectures so that we meet your students at point of need. The fall and winter terms are very busy so we recommend you make your request for instruction as far in advance as possible.

Who to Contact

Branch Contact Phone
Scott Library Janet Cheng (or use faculty self-booking form) x30124
Archives and Special Collections Suzanne Dubeau x70798
Map Library Rosa Orlandini x88863
Sound & Moving Image Library Rob van der Bliek x33694
Bronfman Business Library Stephanie Quail x22747
Frost Library Sarah Coysh x88267
Osgoode Law Library Yemisi Dina x58404
Steacie Science and Engineering Library Ilo-Katryn Maimets x33927