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How to Donate Gifts in Kind

Donations and Giving

York University Libraries accepts gifts that significantly enhance the strengths of existing collections and support the teaching and research programs, present and anticipated, of the University. We especially welcome unique materials to support teaching and research at York, i.e. materials that are otherwise difficult for us to acquire through regular acquisition channels.

Donations of books or other library resources can be discussed with Adriana Bugyiova, Scholarly Resources Manager (, 416-736-2100 ext. 22798). For donations of archival material or rare books, please visit the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections' donations webpage.

Decisions to accept or decline donations will be informed by the Libraries’ current collection policies and practices, and by the University's current and anticipated teaching and research needs. As there are significant costs associated with processing collections, all donations must be evaluated carefully to determine suitability for our collection.

General Procedures

Potential donors will be asked to supply a title list, or to pre-select items prior to donation.

The following types of material are not accepted for donation:

  • Textbooks, course packs, or classroom anthologies
  • Trade or mass-market paperbacks
  • Titles already owned by the Libraries
  • Periodicals/magazines/newspapers
  • Materials in poor condition

Alternatives to donating to the libraries:

Evaluation and Tax Receipts

A tax receipt may be issued by York University Division of Advancement based on the criteria below.

Estimates of the value of a gift of materials are acceptable to Revenue Canada if they reflect the fair market value of the items as determined by an independent expert. Estimates of the value of the gift are made after materials have been accepted and are the property of York University.

Please note:

  • Receipts will be issued only for materials valued at $750 or more.
  • Library staff may provide valuations for gifts with a fair market value of less than $1,000 if they are knowledgeable in the field and qualified to appraise the gift at its fair market value.
  • In all cases when the value is more than $1,000, and in some other cases, the University Librarian or delegate will arrange for an evaluation by an external appraiser.
  • Publications acquired using funds from York University (such as a Personal Expense Reimbursement account) may be transferred to the Libraries if they meet its acquisition criteria, but they will not qualify for a tax receipt.

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