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Research Metrics and Visibility


Describing the research impact of a scholar, an article or book, a journal, or a research institution can be informed through different approaches, including:

  • bibliometrics, the statistical analysis of publications;
  • alternative metrics, also known as altmetrics; and
  • talking to scholars in the field.

Each approach adds to a broader understanding. There is no one number that will tell you everything about a person or their work.

This guide provides an overview of standard bibliometric approaches, new alternative metrics, and some common tools for accessing both. It also provides information about the limitations of these approaches for measuring research impact.

Like most research institutions, there is an ongoing conversation at York about measuring research impact. This guide will be updated to reflect these conversations and developments in metrics generally.

Standard bibliometrics

These are based on counting publications and citations.

Alternative metrics

Common tools

Limitations of bibliometrics

How to enhance your visibility

Further reading

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