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For classroom use of film, video, and DVD use the online classroom reservation form.

For a list of facilities and equipment available at the SMIL please click here.


All material may be signed out for use in SMIL. Four hour loan items: reserve audio-tapes, reserve CDs, high demand videotapes and DVDs may be signed out for overnight loan four hours before the unit closes. These items are due within an hour of opening the following weekday. Seven day loan DVDs may be renewed on line one time. Most CDs may be signed out for seven days and may also be renewed on line once. The maximum number of items charged out to a patron at any given time is five DVD/VHS and five CD's. Fines apply to late returns.

Returns must be made to SMIL when the unit is open and to the external Audiovisual drop box when SMIL is closed. The Audiovisual dropbox is located near the main Central Square entrance to the Scott Library.

If you have an item that is due on Saturday or Sunday, you can either renew it on line (if possible... SMIL items can only be renewed once) or return it to the external Audiovisual drop box before 9am on Monday.

CD-ROMs and CDs that accompany Scott Library books may be requested on line from the York University Libraries’ catalogue. Find the item’s record and under Holdings you will find the link “Storage/Special Collections Request.” Follow the link and complete the request. You will receive an email notification when the item has been retrieved and put on hold for pick up at the SMIL circulation desk.

A valid library card must be presented in order to sign out SMIL materials. There are no holds on SMIL materials unless they are being retrieved from SMIL Storage.

Material may not be signed out during the hour following its return by either the previous borrower or the person returning the item. Items returned within one hour of SMIL's closing may not be signed out by either the previous borrower or the person returning that material until the following day.

Fines for late returns


Videorecordings, both DVDs and videocassettes, are usually 4-hour items or 7-day items. Each item's loan period is clearly marked on its case.

Sound Recordings

Most sound recordings have a 7-day loan period.

Reserve Items

Most reserve items such as CDs and books have a 4-hour loan period.

4-Hour Items

These titles are available for viewing in the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) during the day unless they have been reserved for lectures or other York events. Faculty, students and staff count on these materials being available for preview, research, review, course assigned viewing and teaching. About ten thousand classroom reservations are made each year so many of these titles will have upcoming scheduled screenings.

For the convenience of our patrons these titles may be borrowed for home viewing when it is four hours or less until SMIL's closing. They are due back one hour after the Sound and Moving Image Library's next open day. This overnight loan policy supports the level of availability our patrons expect and allows SMIL to effectively manage the media reservation system.

Late returns jeopardize scheduled lectures by faculty, presentations by students and result in wasted time for patrons who do not find necessary materials available in the Sound and Moving Image Library. The overdue fine rate of $3 per hour or part thereof to a maximum of $100 reflects the serious challenge to our patrons that late returns represent.

7-Day DVDs and Videocassettes

We are able to offer these titles for a seven day loan period but it is important to understand that they are also part of the Sound and Moving Image Library's working collection. The demands on these collections are lighter than those described above for the 4-hour items. The fines are $0.50 per day to a maximum of $25.

7-Day CDs

The fine is $0.50 per day to a maximum of $25 for the late return of CDs.

If you have received a fine from SMIL but feel there are mitigating circumstances, you may fill out a SMIL petition.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Fill out the petition in full
  • Explain clearly why the item was returned late
  • If you were uncertain of any of the library's or SMIL's policies when the items were charged out, indicate whether you are now familiar with the relevant policies.

Petitioning for the following reasons is not often successful

  • Card was used by a friend
  • Someone else was asked to return the borrowed material
  • Item was returned to the wrong library
  • Had to work
  • Had plans that made it impossible to return on time
  • Didn't know the library was open/closed
  • Didn't know when the material was due
  • Didn't know that the fines were so high
  • Item wasn't needed by anyone else
  • The fine is more than the item is worth
  • Informing the library that you will not pay the fine

Click here for the Sound and Moving Image Library petition form

You should receive an e-mail response fourteen days after the petition has been received by the Sound and Moving Image Library. If you have not, you may e-mail to inquire about your petition's status.