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Academic Integrity Information

Responsible research and writing implies that we respect the intellectual property rights of others: this is the essence of academic integrity. The links on this page will take you to information on how to avoid plagiarism (i.e. the presenting of others’ words or ideas as your own) in your writing, and how you can responsibly copy and properly cite your research sources whether these are in print or online. If you have questions about these issues, please ask a librarian, who will be pleased to offer assistance.

  • Academic Integrity in Courses at York University
  • Take the Test!
    How much do you know about the proper use of others’ work? Work through this online tutorial and see if you can pass the self-test.
  • The Libraries and Plagiarism
    We provide here some links to helpful sites on avoiding plagiarism.
  • Academic Writing Guide
    The Libraries have brought together a set of helpful websites offering assistance with different kinds of written academic work with suggestions for appropriately crediting others for their ideas.
  • Footnotes and Bibliographies
    The Libraries offer detailed assistance with preparing footnotes and bibliographies in the right form and how to use RefWorks to make this easier.
  • Copyright
    Copyright legislation and license agreements govern what can be copied or otherwise “borrowed” of works of creators while respecting their intellectual property rights. York’s Copyright and You offers much information to assist you with responsible copying.
  • Scanning and Copyright
    The Libraries provide scanning equipment for the use of York students, faculty and staff, but we ask that it be used with respect for the rights of creators.
  • Acceptable Use of E-resources
    The Libraries have signed license agreements with providers of our e-resources (e.g., electronic books, journals, indexes, and databases). This “acceptable use statement” indicates how these resources can be used while respecting the rights of the providers.