Part-Time Employment

The York University Libraries (YUL) branches/departments hire during the fall/winter and summer sessions. Available jobs are posted online and on the YUL Job Posting Board located on the first floor of Scott Library by the escalator. Postings are also posted at branch libraries posting boards.  Osgoode Hall Law Library, and Work/Study positions, are posted on the Career Services website.  We aim to post all positions prior to the beginning of each academic session.

To Apply Click here to apply for Library Casual Part-time Positions

A hard copy of the Library’s application form is available here. ULibJOBAPPLICATIONFORM

Work/Study Positions

Must be a full-time YORK UNIVERSITY student and meet the Work/Study program eligibility requirements. Please see the Student Financial Services website for more information on the Work/Study program:

ALL Undergraduate Students must complete the on-line Student Financial profile.

Student Financial Profile website:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do we hire? Fall/Winter Hiring – Part-time positions commence at the beginning of the academic year in September and end in April of the following year. During the academic year, there will be limited number of part-time positions hiring for replacement. Most positions are posted in late July – August for the beginning of the academic year and there will be occasional hiring during the academic year. Summer Hiring – There will be limited number of part-time positions in the summer (May to August).
  • Who do we hire? For Fall/Winter York University Staff Association – Unit 2 (YUSA2) affiliated part-time hiring, we will first consider applications from members of YUSA2 with seniority and selection will be based on relevancy of experience, qualifications, York student status and competency. We have a policy of preferred hiring for York University students.
  • Who can apply as a York University student? A York University student is a person who is registered and currently enrolled in a degree credit course or who has graduated in the past 12 months from a degree programme.
  • Can international students apply for YUSA2 part-time positions? Full-time international and exchange students of York University with a valid study permit can work on-campus at York and are eligible to apply for YUSA2 part-time employment positions on York University campus.
  • Are work permits required for international students? International students in Canada may work on or off campus without a work permit if they meet the eligibility requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
    NOTE: Students are required by law to provide their Social Insurance Number (SIN) within three (3) days after the day on which their employment begins.
    (Source: Government of Canada, Service Canada People serving people, “International students and the Social Insurance Number.” Web. 28 Oct.2015)
  • What documents do I require to apply for a SIN as an international student?To apply for a SIN, international students must present either:
    • a study permit issued by CIC that indicates the permit holder “may accept employment” or “may work” in Canada; or
    • a study permit and a “confirmation to work off campus” letter issued by CIC prior to February 6, 2015.
    If neither of these requirements is met, the international student may contact CIC to verify if he or she is eligible to apply for an amended study permit. For more information about working while studying in Canada, visit the CIC website or call the CIC Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100. (Source: Government of Canada, Service Canada People serving people, “International students and the Social Insurance Number.” Web. 28 Oct.2015)
  • How long will it take and what documentation is required to process an amended study permit? An application for an amended study permit is done by a mail to CIC.  As the application can take on average one-two months to process, it is recommended that international students start the application as soon as practicable. CIC advises that International students may clearly mark “Urgent” on the envelope if they meet the criteria for urgent processing. Students are required to return the original study permit, and to submit a photocopy of a letter of acceptance or enrolment from the current designated learning institution.
    (Source: Government of Canada, CIC, “Request to Amend Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents (IMM 5218).” Web Oct. 2015)
  • How many hours per week are international students allowed to work? Full-time international and exchange students with valid study permits are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while registered as an undergraduate full-time student, and work full time during academic scheduled break. An undergraduate student is considered full-time if they are enrolled in 9 or more credits per term (e.g. Fall term). If a student has taken a 6 credit course (usually year long) it would be considered to be two 3.0 credit courses, one taken in each of the semesters.
  • Where can I get more information for international students?
  • York International:

Service Canada:
Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

  • Who is a YUSA2 part-time employee?
    A YUSA2 part-time employee shall be defined as an employee whose work-week is normally no more than twenty-four (24) hours performing YusApuY bargaining unit work with a specified end date.
  • Who can apply for work/study positions?
    You may be eligible if you meet all of the following criteria:

    • You are a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status through Immigration Department (International/Visa students are not eligible)
    • You are an Ontario resident
    • Registered in full-time courses in the Fall/Winter session (60% course load or 40% course load if you are a student with a permanent disability)
    • Demonstrate financial need
    • You are progressing academically (i.e. you are not on academic warning/probation)
    • You have not defaulted on previous student loans or other government bursary programs