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Consultations & Expertise: Metadata, Discovery and Access

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OCUL Collaborative Futures Project
The Ontario Council of University Libraries Collaborative Futures project will be launched this December and provide all members of the York community with a modern search interface that provides significant improvements in terms of resource discovery, as well as simplifying access to the Libraries’ collections across a wide range of formats.

For more information on how the new library system manage and present our old catalogue data, please contact: Heather Fraser or Marcia Salmon.

Metadata Consultation and Cataloguing Policy
Our staff are available to consult with students and faculty on a wide range of metadata issues, including content descriptions, knowledge management, and data management regarding the application of metadata schema for a variety of data formats. For more information on how our staff’s expertise can help you, please contact Haiyun Cao.

The MDA Department is also responsible for managing the bibliographic data in the library's catalogue. We ensure that YUL’s cataloguing practices are current and complementary to national and international standards as well as develop local cataloguing policy to cater to the unique needs of the York community.

Research Data Management Metadata Consultation
The MDA team works alongside our colleagues in the Open Scholarship Department to facilitate Research Data Management workshops for York’s graduate students. We also focus on assisting students and faculty with depositing materials into York’s Dataverse Repository.

MDA department assists the Open Scholarship department in the delivery of Research Data Management (RDM) Services by co-facilitating RDM workshops and assisting in depositing into York University's Dataverse Repository. Please Contact:  Marcia Salmon.

NACO Authorities
York University Libraries is a member of the Library of Congress’ Name Authority Cooperative (NACO), which focuses on providing standardized naming for people, corporate bodies and meetings for the NACO Authority File.

Staff in the MDA Department go through specialized training to contribute to this project, which also helps to support work in YUL’s Special Collections. For more information on NACO and the Libraries role in this endeavour, please contact Marcia Salmon or Haiyun Cao.

Reporting Cataloguing Errors
Any errors in the library catalogue, such as typos, non-functioning links, duplicate records, incorrect images and other items should be reported to the MDA Department. Please contact: Monika Macieri to report any cataloguing errors.