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Material relating to biographical information about an artist. Can include published or unpublished biographies and autobiographies, as well as curriculum vitae and other personal information of a biographical nature.
Fonds # Fonds/Collection Name
F0096 John N. Smith fonds
F0099 Beveridge Family fonds
F0103 B.W. Powe fonds
F0104 Bruce Powe fonds
F0108 Donald Davis fonds
F0110 Larry Zolf fonds
F0133 Mary Hecht fonds
F0145 Sara Woods fonds
F0154 Art West fonds
F0156 Richard Courtney fonds
F0163 Blanche Pownall Garrett fonds
F0175 Robert Casto fonds
F0187 Mary Reid fonds
F0191 Jason Sherman fonds
F0199 Canadian Dance Festival fonds
F0217 Garth Drabinsky fonds
F0257 Association of Cultural Executives fonds
F0263 Germain Rene Michel Avison fonds
F0266 bill bissett fonds
F0280 Canadian Speakers and Writers Services fonds
F0285 Centre for Experimental Art & Communication fonds
F0323 Jules Heller fonds
F0338 William Kilbourn fonds
F0341 Margaret Laurence fonds
F0345 Norman Levine fonds
F0358 Roy Matthews Mitchell fonds
F0359 Mavor Moore fonds
F0361 Frank Morriss fonds
F0365 Northern Journey fonds
F0492 Peggie Sampson fonds
F0545 Rob Forsyth fonds
F0614 Falek Zolf fonds