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York University

Indicates that a fonds contains documentation that, in addition to being relevant to one of the other classifications, is also associated with York University. Most often the fonds, or documents within it, are those of York faculty or alumnus. It may also indicate documentation dealing with York policies, organizations or departments dealing with issues concerning, or of concern to, the fine arts on campus.

Fonds # Fonds/Collection Name
F0098 Mary Williamson fonds
F0099 Beveridge Family fonds
F0103 B.W. Powe fonds
F0113 Susan Swan fonds
F0117 Seth Feldman fonds
F0118 Rhombus Media fonds
F0125 Don Coles fonds
F0130 Libby Sheier
F0132 Zdenka Volavka fonds
F0133 Mary Hecht fonds
F0134 Avrom Isaacs fonds
F0144 Don Rubin fonds
F0149 David Walker fonds
F0175 Robert Casto fonds
F0180 Rohinton Mistry fonds
F0183 Nat Taylor fonds
F0191 Jason Sherman fonds
F0205 Mira Freidlander fonds
F0206 Andrew Tomcik fonds
F0210 Vincent Vaitienkunas fonds
F0217 Garth Drabinsky fonds
F0263 Germain Rene Michel Avison fonds
F0281 Canadian Theatre Review fonds
F0301 Danny Grossman Dance Company fonds
F0302 True Davidson fonds
F0323 Jules Heller fonds
F0338 William Kilbourn fonds
F0343 Peggy Leitch collection
F0359 Mavor Moore fonds
F0367 Onion fonds
F0368 Edith Fowke collection
F0377 Jack Berke fonds
F0381 Harry Pollock fonds
F0386 Linda Pyke fonds
F0429 York University Theatre Programmes Collection
F0492 Peggie Sampson fonds