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Moving Images Subject Classification

Moving Images Subject Classifications


Academic and critical writings pertaining to film, video and television; including journal, newspaper and magazine articles. Items listed include reviews of productions, and commentary on broadcasting regulations, funding, and the Canadian film industry. Items identified here are also cross-listed in other relevant classification(s): Broadcasting, Filmmakers, Fine Arts, Funding/Grants, Government/Policy.


Material relating to broadcasting in Canada, including policy regulations/reviews, licensing applications, pay and specialty channels, and critical writing pertaining to broadcasting issues.


Material pertaining to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), including correspondence, contracts, scripts, production documentation, policy, and music scores.


Documents relating to the distribution and exhibition of film and video. Material includes organization and company correspondence, contracts, brochures and policy documents.


Documentary films, including research materials, correspondence and shooting scripts. Docu-drama material, scripts for television news broadcasts, and travelogues are also included. Film/video elements produced by community groups are cross-listed.

Education and Research

Film/video elements of scientific and educational research. Textual material including outlines for media related university courses and a limited amount of material exploring the pedagogical use of visual media.

Film and TV Associations

Documents relating to film and television associations and governmental agencies involved with film and broadcasting: ACTRA, Canadian Film Development Corporation, Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople, etc. Not included are the CBC and NFB as they each have their own separate classification.


Documents relating to filmmakers (directors, film artists/craftspeople, producers), and production companies.

Films and Videos

The Archives houses hundreds of films and videos.

Fine Arts

Material relating to film/video as an art form, and the use of moving images to document the fine arts. Material ranges from videos and films of theatre and dance productions, documents by and about film artists, including taped interviews with artists, to material on organizations for the development and promotion of film and video art.

Funding and Grants

Documents relating to the application for grant monies and funding for film/video/TV production. Included are guidelines and policies proposed by governmental review boards, as well as magazine and newspaper articles addressing issues pertaining to the funding of broadcasting. The latter documents are also crosslisted with Broadcasting and Government/Policy.


Material relating to the proposals drafted by governmental review boards and committees pertaining to the production, distribution and exhibition of film, video, and television (broadcasting) in Canada. Documents pertaining to the ongoing debate and policy formation of moving images as an industry and as an art form and/or form of cultural expression are included. Documents are cross-listed with other relevant categories: Academia/Criticism; Broadcasting; Distribution/Exhibition; Funding/Grants; Production.

Industrial Film

Material, including textual and film/video elements, relating to industrial films and videos. Included in this classification are films/videos made for various government agencies, and training films/videos. Some fonds contain scripts, production notes and research.


Documents contained within this classification pertain primarily to literary works adapted to film/television programs and videos (including writers' correspondences, scripts, and films). Videotapes/films of interviews with writers are also included.


Programs from retrospectives, film festivals and film societies. Film posters are also included.

National Film Board

Material relating to the National Film Board of Canada. Correspondence, research and production material, scripts, and film/video elements are included.


Material relating to the production of films, television programs and videos; including correspondence, scripts, research and production materials, budgets, and contracts. Documents pertaining to independent production, film artists and alternative filmmakers/cooperatives are also included.


Documents relating to film/video equipment and material pertaining to proposals, regulations and guidelines for the use of communications technology.

York University and Film Studies

Indicates that a fonds contains documentation that, in addition to being relevant to one of the other classifications, is also associated with York University, including fonds, or documents, of York faculty or alumnus.