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Online exhibits

The Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections has developed a number of online exhibits that highlight elements of the department's holdings. These include:

Children's Literature Collection Scholarly Resource at York University Libraries

York University Libraries acquired the Children’s Literature Collection from David Mason Books in 2016 to support research and teaching in Children’s Studies and other disciplines that seek to understand the impact of these texts upon the lives and imagination of young people. This site offers visitors a scholarly resource to explore aspects of the collection, capturing academic insight derived from community-based knowledge and scholarship.
Online Resource Team : Mona Elayyan, Digital Project Lead and Online Resource Creator (English and Environmental Studies Liaision Librarian), Scott McLaren, Academic content: Book History and Print Culture (Humanities & Religious Studies Librarian), Cheryl Cowdy, Academic Content: Critical Commentary (Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Children, Childhood & Youth Program), Anna St. Onge, Digital and Technical Support (Archivist, Digital Projects and Outreach), Thanks also to: Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections (CTASC) staff for making the Children's Literature Collection available to the Online Research Team, and particularly to student assistant Joanna Chojnacka for digitization, Library Computing Services: Tuan Nuguyen and his staff for technical troubleshoot and for creation of the exhibit template, Content Creators (Author Bios): Anica Bakalic-Radic, Victoria Ho, Tanya Prince, Bronfman Library Sophie Bury for allocating staff to assist in content creation, University Librarian's Office: Tom Scott and Andrea Kosavic for allocating staff to assist in content creation.

The Danny Grossman Dance Company

Developed in 2000 by graduate student Sion Irwin-Childs and Archivist Suzanne Dubeau.

Herman Voaden - Canadian playwright and director, 1903-1991

Developed in 2000 by theatre historian and executor of the Herman Voaden Estate, Anton Wagner and graduate student Sharon Brady.

I Heard a Story About Yorkville

Developed in July 2005 by ASC staff in collaboration with author Nicholas Jennings.

John Warkentin Teaching Slides Collection

Developed in 2012 through a Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations grant and the contributions of metadata and digitization assistant Craig Butosi. Featuring the work of renowned Canadian historical geographer John H. Warkentin (b.1928-), this exhibit is a sample of his aerial, topographical, architectural, and cultural photography of select urban and rural regions in Manitoba between 1957 and 2000. The images were originally captured on 35 mm slides, which have since been digitized.

Letters Home: a selection of wartime correspondence

Developed by Anna St.Onge in 2010.

Lou Wise Oblique Aerial Photograph Collection

The Lou Wise Oblique Airphoto Collection is a large collection of oblique airphotos held at the York University Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections. The photographs were taken in the 1980s and 1990s and cover conservation lands, wetlands, the Oak Ridges Moraine, and geographical areas that were considered to be “at risk” for redevelopment. Our collection consists of over 5000 airphotos covering a large swath of Southern Ontario.

Sheila Thibaudeau Lambrinos Collection

Literature for children, most often written to educate and indoctrinate, as well as entertain, has longed served as a useful means to examine the ideological concerns of an age. The Lambrinos Collection, which houses over 650 children’s textbooks, teacher’s manuals and novels (published between 1843 to 1992), is a rich source of insight into a distinctly Canadian, colonial and post-colonial, understanding of the world.
This site is made possible through the contributions of M.A. student Renée Jackson in the Faculty of English at York University.

Mariposa: celebrating Canadian folk music

An 2010 online exhibit funded through the Archives Community Development Program (ACDP) and executed by Anna St.Onge, Andrea Kosavic, Taras Danylak and Ali Sadaqain, with assistance by Alison Black, Kyle Brenders, Andrea Brent, Ryan Bruce, Marie-Pascale D'Aoust-Messier, Julia Holland, Alison Lapp, Alana Lebkovich, Rachel Lebkovich,  Prathna Lor, the Mariposa Folk Foundation, Jessica Silverman, Kelly Smith, Sija Tsai, Adriana Vesna, and Tina Witham.

The Portuguese Canadian History Project

Developed by Anna St.Onge in collaboration with Taras Danylak and Ali Sadaqain with graduate students Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda, and Raphael Costa.

Pushing Buttons, Pushing Stories: the Jean Augustine Political Button Collection

Developed by Norda Majekodunmi as part of a sabbatical research project.

Ruth Dworin Collection of Lesbian Pulp Novels

Developed in 2011 by graduate student Renée Jackson with technical assistance by Taras Danylak, Ali Sadaqain and Anna St.Onge.

Robbie Robertson's early years on the Toronto music scene

Developed in 2005 by Sean Smith to celebrate honorary degree recipient, Robbie Robertson, with a look back at his formative years in Toronto.

Seeking that acre and a cow: The 3,000 Family Scheme settlement experience

This exhibit explores immigration and farming in Canada through the experiences of Herbert William Hunt, a British World War I veteran who settled in Saskatchewan for ten years during the Great Depression. Hunt’s migration was facilitated by the 3,000 Family Scheme.
This exhibit was created in July 2016 as part of a practicum placement by Natalia Pietrzykowski, Master of Information student at the University of Toronto.

The TTC Subway at 50.

Developed in 2004 by ASC staff to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the TTC subway in 1954.

 There is additional online content from the archives holding available through York University's institutional repository YorkSpace. This includes material drawn from the extensive photographic archives of the Toronto Telegram, material highlighting Portuguese and Finnish communities in Canada, historical sheet music and historical photographs celebrating the 50th Anniversary of York University.