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Adaptive Lab Room Booking

Booking Notice

Please note this space is reserved for students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services.  If you book a space and are not registered you will not gain entry to the space.

Users can check the availability of individual study rooms at

Room Rules:

  1. Rooms that are not booked or not occupied within the first 10 minutes of a booking will be made available for others to use.
  2. Rooms are for individual study space.
  3. The rooms are for quiet study.

The Adaptive Equipment Lab is occasionally used as an alternate exam location by the Registrar’s Office.  In some cases, a room booking by a student will be canceled to allow for the booking of an exam.

To book a spot, go to the Study Space booking system and select the following options:
Location: Scott Library
Zone: First Floor
Category: Accessible Spaces
Check-off: 'An accessible space/seat is required'