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Adaptive Lab Room Booking

Booking Notice

Please note this space is reserved for students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services.  If you book a space and are not registered you will not gain entry to the space.

Users may access the calendar to book online and review the availability of individual study rooms at

Individual study rooms may be reserved in up to two-hour blocks.  Two bookings per day are allowed, with a minimum of one hour in-between.

Room Rules:

  1. Rooms that are not booked or not occupied within the first 10 minutes of a booking will be made available for others to use.
  2. Rooms are for individual study space.
  3. The rooms are for quiet study.

The Adaptive Equipment Lab is occasionally used as an alternate exam location by the Registrar’s Office.  In some cases, a room booking by a student will be canceled to allow for the booking of an exam.

Instructions for booking an individual study room:

  1. Connect to and select the date you want. Hours of room availability are displayed on the grid.
  2. Select the room to book. Column headings display the room name.
  3. Select the start time of the booking.  Rooms that have been previously booked are indicated by cells with a shaded background.
  4. You may be prompted to logon to your Passport York account.
  5. Enter your initials and the last 3 digits of your York ID to identify the booking in the “Brief Description” box.   PRIVACY NOTICE:  DO NOT TYPE YOUR FULL NAME,  leave the "Full Description" box BLANK.  Anything you type will be visible on the Web.  Only Library Accessibility Services Staff will have access to view your York ID.
  6. Select the duration of the booking by entering the start and end times.  Rooms can be booked in half-hour increments to a maximum of 2 hours.  A second 2 hour booking may be made after a minimum interval of 1 hour.
  7. Scroll down the page and Click the Save button.  If there is a problem or conflict with your request you will get an error message and may see a red X on that line, if your request is valid you will normally see 2 green checkmarks beside the Save button.
  8. To view or change a booking, click on your booking.  Click ‘Edit Entry,’ make your changes and click ‘Save.’ to save your edits
  9. To delete a booking, click your booking.  Click ‘Delete’ and you will be prompted to confirm or cancel the deletion.
  10. Rooms that are not booked or not occupied within the first 10 minutes of a booking will be made available for others to use.

NOTE: You will be able to view information about an existing reservation, but you can only edit or delete reservations that you have created while logged in on your account.  If LAS staff have created or updated your booking you will not be able to edit it yourself.