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Racer Request

How to Make a RACER Request

Once you have completed the RACER end user registration form, sign in by entering your 9-digit York U ID number and password.

Select York U as Your Library.

Placing a RACER Request

Requesting resources through RACER is quick and easy. There are two ways to place a request: search RACER and populate a request or fill out a blank request form for items RACER does not find. Choose either method below:

Search RACER

To find books and journal articles.

  1. Once you’ve verified that an item is the one you want (e.g. specific edition), click on Get It!
  2. A RACER request form will open up in another window. Supply additional information on the request form as required (e.g. author and title of journal article, volume and page numbers), the pickup location, and change the Item not needed after date (if necessary).


Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. Do not use abbreviations. You can specify the format and/or language of the material to narrow down results.


It is also possible to change the profile of the library catalogues you are searching within. “Ontario universities” is the default.


You are looking for a match on bibliographic details, NOT a library location.


Advanced Search is recommended

Fill out a Blank Request Form

If RACER does not find your item/

  1. Choose Blank Request Form (from the left side tool bar under My Account).
  2. Complete the blank form and submit.


Select from the drop-down Format list to indicate the format required: book, article, part of a book, thesis, etc. Use Other for archival materials.


Remember to sign out of your account when finished.