Course Assignment Guides

The following Web pages were prepared for specific course assignments. In addition, we have prepared guides to doing research on a variety of topics.

York Faculty who are interested in having a guide prepared for a course assignment are invited to contact Stephanie Quail, who will arrange for the relevant business librarian subject specialist to create a tailored library course guide. You may also wish to arrange for instruction on library and Internet resources related to your course.


  1. Advanced Corporate Finance FINE4150
  2. Advanced Corporate Finance FINE6150
  3. Applied Marketing Management ADMS 3220
  4. Auditing: Advanced Topics ADMS 4553
  5. Auditing and Other Assurance Services ADMS4551
  6. Corporate Governance and Financial Accountability FACC 6220
  7. Entrepreneurship and Technology Ventures – ENTR 4500
  8. Financial Management FINE3100
  9. Financial Management FINE 6100
  10. Finance 6600
  11. KS EMBA
  12. Marketing Management MKTG 1030
  13. Master of Finance Orientation
  14. Master of Financial Accountability (MFac) Library Web Guide
  15. Overview of Canadian Income Taxation ADMS 3520
  16. Understanding the Canadian Health Industry: HIMP 6110