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Noise and Cell Phone Policy

The Library is a dynamic resource and university community centre that offers a wide range of services, materials and environments. Some of our library users require a place for quiet concentration and study. Others are involved in group projects and require spaces that allow for collaborative work.Library staff must talk with library patrons in order to help them find and understand the information resources the library provides.

The Library offers a variety of seating and study areas, which meet all of these needs.There are six group study rooms that may be booked for collaborative work.  Excessive noise carries from the Group Study Rooms so please moderate the noise level of your discussions and be sure to keep the door to the room closed.

Throughout the library you will find a mixture of individual carrels, tables and soft chairs that are intended to provide a variety of learning environments.

The Silent Study Room on the Mezzanine level provides a totally quiet space. Cell phones must be set on silent mode and keyboarding is to be kept to a minimum.

The Reference Room and the Reading Room are for individual reading and study only.

Excessive noise or inappropriate behaviour is never appreciated by either your neighbours or the staff.You will be asked to moderate the noise level in areas where collaborative work is encouraged and to cease disruptive behaviour in any area of the library.

Cell Phones

In consideration of others, please turn cell phone ringers off in all areas of the library.

We understand that you may wish to have your cell phones on but please leave the library to make or take calls.

Revised January 2016