2017 York Undergraduate Research Fair – Winners Announced

On March 1, 2017, the 2017 York Undergraduate Research Fair was held in the   Collaboratory on the second floor of Scott Library. This year’s fair was attended by 444 people. Guests were able to view 56 posters form 61 presenters and 8 Art or  Design works that were exhibited in Art Walk by 6 artists. Below is a listing of the  winners from this year’s fair:

Dr. James Wu Prize for best lower-year project

First prize: Mehta, Nishila                                                 HH/IHST 2000

Can Facebook’s Billions Stop Disease? A Critical Analysis of the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub

Second prize: Kamal, Aria                                                AP/SOSC 1700

The Feminization of Poverty: Why Women Experience Poverty After Divorce

Dr. James Wu Prize for best upper-year project

First prize: Wanstall, Elizabeth                                         GL/PSYC 4230

Music to the Survivors’ Ears: A Neurocognitive Intervention for Childhood Leukemia Survivors

 Second prize: Goshulak, Danika                                     AP/SOSC 4048

Is Fair Trade ‘Fair’ for All?

 Dr. James Wu Prize for best thesis/Major research project award

First prize: Beribisky, Nataly                                             HH/PSYC 3890

An Analysis of the Definition of an Experiment in Introductory Psychology Textbooks

Second prize: Gohil, Kunali                                              SC/BIOL 3000

Determining Catchment and Delta Quality of Daisy Lake, Sudbury: Assessment of Vegetation Cover, Microbial and Fish Activity, and Periphyton Growth

Best group award

First prize: Palachchandran, Kajanth & Mahendiran, Sinthi         AP/HREQ 4600

 “Neo-Terrorism” in the Canadian Context: Exploring the Potential Implications of Bill C-51

 Best poster & presentation award

First prize: Angliss McDowell, Kay                                  AP/HUMA 3962

Children’s Ability to Navigate Difference

Second prize: Kudrow, Marina                                         AP/SOWK 3070

Defining Newcomer Parent Engagement

 Information literacy award

First prize: Nasiri, Khalida                                                HH/PSYC 4270

The Temporo-Parietal Junction – A Role in High-Level Cognition

Second prize: Lieu, Recheta                                            AP/SOSC 3700

A Room of One’s Own: Exploring “Hidden Poverty” and Rooming Housing in the Village Neighbourhood at York University

 People’s Choice award

Kamal, Aria                                                                        AP/SOSC 1700

The Feminization of Poverty: Why Women Experience Poverty After Divorce

Art/Design award (of equal rank)

Magneson, Marissa                                                        FA/VISA 2061

Frozen chains of childhood (Photograph)

Halpert, Josette                                                         FA/DANC 4260

Do Not Stand At My Grave (Dance video)