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A Day in the Life of a Library Student Success Mentor

A Day in the Life of a Library Student Success Mentor

By: Daksh Singh

Hi there! My name is Daksh Singh, I'm a finance major and a Student Success Mentor here on campus. I'm excited to take you through a typical day in my life, where I juggle academics, work, and social activities, all while making a difference in the lives of my fellow students.

My day kicks off bright and early at 6 AM. While the campus still slumbers, I'm up, diving into my studies. This quiet, undisturbed time is golden for me. By 9 AM, after a solid study session, I switch gears, it’s breakfast time! It's not just any breakfast, though. Imagine the most eclectic mix on my plate, fueling me for the day ahead. 

By the time the clock strikes 10, I'm ready and raring to go at the library. The library is not just a building; it's a vibrant community hub, and my role here is to add to its vibrancy. I meet up with my fellow work-study comrades, Simran and Musaddiq, as we gear up for our day. Our morning ritual? A quick catch-up with our work-study manager, where we discuss weekly agendas and sketch out our day. The brainstorming sessions are where magic happens, ideas fly, plans are forged, and laughter is a must.

Our shifts, typically 5 hours long, are packed with activities. From engaging students and creating catchy social media content, to roaming the library to assist students in navigating our vast resources and services; no two days are the same. Picture us—the trio of Student Success Mentors—armed with iPads and smiles, ready to turn a routine library visit into an adventure.

As the sun begins to dip, signaling the end of our shift, it's time to switch hats. I grab a quick snack with Simran and Musaddiq, sharing laughs and swapping stories from the day. Then, it's off to my evening classes, my mind still buzzing with ideas from the day's work.

After classes, the evening unfolds with a rhythm of its own. I live on campus, which means everything is just a walk away. My friends and I hit the gym, challenging each other, and sharing our day's triumphs and trials. Post-workout, we indulge in our culinary experiments, turning dinner into more of an adventure than a meal.

With the most urgent academic or other work squared away, the night is ours to unwind. My apartment becomes a hub of relaxation and camaraderie as friends drift in and out, sharing stories, music, and laughs until midnight rolls around.

And then, it's time to hit the reset button. As I drift off to sleep, I'm already looking forward to the surprises tomorrow will bring to the library, the heart of our campus. Whether it's a quirky inquiry at the help desk, an impromptu brainstorming session, or a moment of unexpected connection with a fellow student, every day is a new chapter in this vibrant community.