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Metadata Policy: Cataloguing Levels

Policy Area: 

  • Bibliographic metadata in Institutional and Network Zone 


  • Alma has two types of cataloguing levels:  cataloguing levels for bibliographic records and cataloguing permission level for library staff. 
  • Alma cataloguing levels defines the permission level to edit bibliographic records. This may prevent library staff without cataloguing expertise from editing certain types of bibliographic records. 
  • This policy covers both types of cataloguing levels. 

Policy Statement

Cataloguing Policy for Bibliographic Records

  • Assign the following cataloguing levels for the following types of bibliographic records 
    • 00. Brief records 
    • 50. Fully catalogued bibliographic records for regular permanent collection  
    • 90.  Special collections/Rare Materials 

Cataloguing Policy for Library Staff: 

  • The following are the three levels for library staff 
    • 00.  Short term 
    • 50. Regular 
    • 90. Special 
  • Assign the following cataloguing levels for the following positions 
    • Level 90:  Special (can edit bibliographic records at all cataloguing levels) 
      • Scholarly Resources Manager 
      • Metadata Librarians 
      • eResources Assistant 
      • Media Reservation/Cataloguing Assistant 
      • Application Support Specialist 
      • Head of Technical Services, Osgoode Law Library 
      • Cataloguing Assistant  
      • In-Process Assistant 
      • Order/Cataloguing Coordinator 
      • Archives/Cataloguing Assistant 
      • Cataloguing Assistant (Law) 
  • Level 50: Regular (can edit bibliographic records in the regular permanent collection and brief records) 
      • Content Licensing Librarian 
      • Order/Cataloguing Assistants 
      • Serials Assistant 
      • Invoice Assistant 
      • Content Discovery Librarian 
      • Circulation Coordinators 
      • Resource Sharing, Reserves and Digitization Supervisor 
      • Law librarians  
  • Level 00:  Short Term (can create brief records and holdings) 
      • All other library employees 

First Draft of Policy Created: March 4, 2022

Responsibility: Metadata Policy Working Group