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Metadata Policy: Language of Cataloguing


Policy Area:    


Background/ Rationale:    

MARC 21  

  • 040 |b 
  • Use a MARC code for the language of the catalog for which the record is intended. 


  • language used to record data that is not transcribed 
  • language (and script) preferred by the agency creating the data 
  • Language used by the cataloguing institution in notes, physical description, qualifiers for names, controlled vocabulary for content, media and carrier types, etc. 

Do not confuse this with the language of the content. Language of the content in a MARC 21 record is coded in 008 positions 35-37 (and if more than one language 041 and 546). 

Policy Statement 

  • The language of cataloguing is English. 
  • If the only record found in the Network Zone or external catalogues such as OCLC has a language of cataloguing other than English than the item should be treated as original cataloguing. 
  • The YUL metadata policy will be reviewed when it becomes necessary 

Anticipated Impacts: Leslie Frost Library  

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 Policy Review Information 

First Draft of Policy Created: October 24, 2021 
Second Draft Policy Created: October 29, 2021 
Responsibility: Metadata Policy Work