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Best Practice: Sharing Catalogue Records in the Network Zone



  • As a member of Collaborative Futures, it is important for York University Libraries to contribute metadata to the Network Zone to facilitate making York University Libraries and more discoverable for partner libraries. 

Anticipated Impacts: 

  • Metadata 
  • Acquisitions 

Metadata Policy Group Best Practice Statement:   

  • Share permanent complete bibliographic records with the Network Zone. 


  • Bound with books bibliographic records,  
  • Vendor records for shelf ready materials  
  • Non-permanent bibliographic records such as brief order records or brief records for special projects that are remaining in the institutional zone 
  • York University Law Library holdings  
  • Nellie Langford Rowell Library holdings 
  • Education Resource Center (ERC) holdings 
  • Special Collections  
  • Suppressed records 
  • Records for physical inventory that we would not normally be loaning to other partner institutions, such as equipment, personal copies on reserve, ILL items, on the fly circulation records 
  • vendor record sets that a partner is not allowed to share 
  • DDA/PDA/EBA records for resources that have not yet been ordered/purchased, such as Kanopy

Policy Review Information 

First Draft of Policy Created: October 13, 2021 
Second Draft of Policy: October 14, 2021 
Third Draft of Policy: November 10, 2021 
Fouth Draft Policy:  November 25, 2021 
Fifth Draft Policy:  December 22, 2021
Responsibility: Metadata Policy Working Group